Young Apprentice axed – Daily TV round-up

Alan Sugar (Credit: BBC)'Young Apprentice' has been axed, according to reports.

The teen spin-off of Lord Sugar's annual search for a new business partner will film one more series before calling it a day.

It's claimed that Lord Sugar wants to concentrate on the adult's version, and hasn't the free time to put in to another series.

A source close to the show told The Sun that 'Lord Sugar is passionate about encouraging kids to become entrepreneurs but he won’t be doing more'.

“He hasn’t got time to do it and neither have Karren Brady or Nick Hewer. Everyone is very proud of it but that’s it for the foreseeable future,” the source added.

But Lord Sugar has denied that he is behind the decision to axe the show.

“If there are no more YA series it will be the BBC who decide not me,” he said on Twitter.

The final series, only the third, will air in October.

The last series suffered in the ratings, only pulling in half that of the adult show. [The Sun]

Sales of over-sized children's suits are said to be suffering already (Credit: BBC)

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