X Factor voting figures revealed

X Factor voting figures have revealed that winners Little Mix were the most consistent contenders on the show and that flame-haired Janet Devlin won the most weekends, coming out top on each of the first four weeks.

The results of each phone vote were announced shortly after Little Mix, the first group to win the show, were announced winners at a packed Wembley Arena.

At the show’s climax there was just a 4.5% difference between the girl group and runner-up Marcus Collins.

Early favourite Janet Devlin flew to victory in each of the first four voting weeks before a series of bad song choices and fluffing her lines saw her popularity plummet.

Misha B was the luckiest contestant, reaching the final despite receiving the least votes for four out of the eight voting weeks she was on the show. 

It also turns out that Frankie Cocozza never really had a chance in the competition, coming in the bottom half of each vote before he was chucked off the show following week five.

It shows that this year’s ‘X Factor’, for whatever reasons, was a far closer competition than the show is accustomed to.

Last year Matt Cardle won all but the first week of the competition, and in 2009 Joe McElderry won each of the last four weeks of the competition by a sizeable margin.

The X Factor voting figures are below ...

The Final Results
Little Mix: 48.3%
Marcus Collins: 42.8%
Amelia Lily (carried over from before the freeze): 8.9%

The Final - vote freeze
Little Mix: 39.0%
Marcus Collins: 34.5%
Amelia Lily: 26.5%

The Semi Final
Little Mix: 34.4%
Marcus Collins: 24.0%
Amelia Lily: 21.4%
Misha B: 20.2%

Week 8
Amelia Lily: 23.8%
Little Mix: 22.4%
Marcus Collins: 21.0%
Janet Devlin: 18.3%
Misha B: 14.5%

Week 7
Little Mix: 26.1%
Misha B: 22.5%
Janet Devlin: 14.8%
Marcus Collins: 14.4%
Amelia Lily: 11.3%
Craig Colton: 10.9%

Week 6
Amelia Lily: 27.4%
Janet Devlin: 17.4%
Little Mix: 15.3%
Marcus Collins: 12.9%
Craig Colton: 10.6%
Kitty Brucknell: 8.4%
Misha B: 8.0%

Week 6 vote in:
Amelia Lily: 48.8%
James Michael: 26.7%
JonJo Kerr: 13.2%
2 Shoes: 11.3%

Week 5
Janet Devlin: 18.0%
Marcus Collins: 16.0%
Misha B: 12.2%
Little Mix: 11.9%
Craig Colton: 10.1%
Frankie Cocozza: 8.7%
Johnny Robinson: 8.3%
Kitty Brucknell: 7.6%
The Risk: 7.2%

Week 4
Janet Devlin: 14.7%
Little Mix: 13.7%
Craig Colton: 13.0%
Kitty Brucknell: 12.9%
Johnny Robinson: 12.2%
Marcus Collins: 10.1%
The Risk: 7.2%
Frankie Cocozza: 5.7%
Sophie Habibis: 5.4%
Misha B:  5.1%

Week 3
Janet Devlin: 17.2%
Johnny Robinson: 17.1%
Misha B: 11.8%
Marcus Collins: 11.2%
The Risk: 8.3%
Little Mix: 6.0%
Frankie Cocozza: 6.0%
Craig Colton: 6.0%
Sophie Habibis: 5.8%
Sami Brookes: 5.6%
Kitty Brucknell: 5.0%

Week 2
Janet Devlin: 23.6%
The Risk: 10.9%
Sophie Habibis: 8.9%
Little Mix: 8.7%
Misha B: 7.8%
Craig Colton: 6.9%
Marcus Collins: 6.8%
Johnny Robinson: 6.5%
Sami Brookes: 6.2%
Kitty Brucknell: 5.9%
Frankie Cocozza: 5.2%
Nu Vibe: 2.6%

Week 1 - Judges eliminated one contestant each, no phone vote

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