X Factor to introduce 'live voting figures' – Daily TV round-up

Cowell hopes the move may keep top acts out of the bottom two

The 'X Factor' is to introduce live voting figures to the show in a bid to stop top acts finding themselves in the bottom two, according to reports.

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Cowell... with US X Factor judge Britney Spears (Copyright: Rex)

It's hoped that the move, which has already proved popular on the US version, could be a way of luring fans back to show.

It follows the shock departure of Ella Henderson from the show last weekend.

Until she found herself in the bottom two acts with the least votes, alongside fellow favourite James Arthur, it was thought that Henderson could win the contest.

A source told The Sun that 'if the viewers knew popular acts like Ella and James Arthur were pulling in low numbers of votes it would encourage them to pick up the phone'.

The source added: “Revealing the voting numbers each week has really brought a new dynamic to the US show.

“Simon is looking to introduce it in the UK next year as part of a major shake-up.”

Currently, the series only publishes details of the audience voting once the series is over, often revealing surprising results.

It emerged earlier this month that Gary Barlow's act Chris Maloney was pulling in double the votes of any other act on the show, and could win the contest. [The Sun]

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