Maloney 'set to win X Factor' – Daily TV round-up

Liverpudlian singer is reportedly getting the most votes from viewers

'The X Factor's Christopher Maloney is reportedly getting double the votes of any other contestant on the show.

Now show boss Simon Cowell fears that he may even win this year's contest, despite being slammed by the judges each week for performing cruise ship-style power ballads.

Maloney... getting 'double the votes' of any other contestant (Copyright: Rex)

A source told The Sun that 'Chris is getting double the votes of anyone else'.

“It’s a shame because he’s so sweet. They’re determined to get him kicked off the show. It’s crazy. The show is in a spin and Cowell is really panicking,” the source added.

“They will be trying anything now to get people to not like this guy.”

Liverpudlian singer Maloney, who is the last singer left in Gary Barlow's Over 28s category, has already been accused of diva-ish behaviour on the show by other contestants.

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Meanwhile last week's rejected act Kye Soanes accused him of being 'two-faced' and of voting for himself.

“He must have an expensive phone bill,” he said. “All of us have got really close and then you’ve got Chris. We’ve been a really strong group and he’s been an outsider - and that’s nothing to do with any of us lot.

“He’s very tactical. There are two different people - one when cameras are there and one when they’re not there.” [The Sun]

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