WWE Who will win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal match at Wrestlemania?

Could there be a surprise winner?

The legendary Hulk Hogan announced a thirty man battle royal to commemorate Andre the Giant and it's totally a big deal. I know that because the WWE have told me it's a big deal. The winner of the match will get lots of prestige and recognition

It's such a big deal that it's worth not having the Intercontinental title defended at Wrestlemania and it's such a big deal that Curtis Axel and Ryback chose to forego their position in the Battle Royal to enter the tag-team title match. But remember people it's real important.

I'm sure you've probably realised that I think this 'get all of the wrestlers on the card' match isn't as big a deal as the WWE want us to think it is. Even if they have attached Andre's name to it. However such a match like this does present us with an opportunity to guess who will win, and who might enter the match as a surprise. So here we go!

Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam
One of these two, if not both, have teased a return and could be making a surprise appearance at the Battle Royal. Obviously with the previous success these two have had as wrestlers they have to be considered as favourites to win if they do turn up. My money's on RVD more than Jericho.

Alexander Rusev
He debuted at the Royal Rumble and was largely impressive although not quite there yet. He and his manager have been making regular appearances since then to promote his imminent main roster arrival. But could the Bulgarian Brawler appear at Wrestlemania and add a rather impressive notch to start off his career.

Big E
The Intercontinental champion isn't defending his title at Wrestlemania, so hopefully the WWE will see fit to make him look strong to highlight that it actually exists. This is mainly because Big E could do with that defining moment, but also because the WWE are only having one of their three singles titles defended at Wrestlemania and that's wrong.

Dolph Ziggler
The 'Showoff' recently cut a very good backstage promo and since then there's been talk of 'what's coming' for fan-favourite Ziggler. Recently he's picked up wins against Damien Sandow, Fandango and Alberto Del Rio who are all Battle Royal entrants. Maybe Ziggler's time is finally coming, starting with the Andre the Giant Battle Royal?

Damien Sandow
Sandow is someone who like Dolph Ziggler, is quite popular with the fans, is a great wrestler and is severely misused in the WWE. Sandow won a MITB brief-case and lost his cash-in match to an injured, one-armed John Cena. Many, myself included, predicted this was the start of a big push for Sandow, but nothing came. Could this be his chance at last?

The Brotherhood
Cody Rhodes and Goldust are being misused in this match but nevertheless they're in it now and both men must fancy themselves with a chance given the year they've just had. If I had to pick the one more likely to win obviously it'd be Cody Rhodes who has excelled himself so far in the WWE and could at any moment step up to the next level.

Who do you think will win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal?

Daniel Wood is a graduate from Bristol, who can't seem to shake off that WWE bug. His favourite wrestler is Kane, and he still pretends he's a wrestler in his head. Follow Daniel Wood on Twitter.

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