WWE: Will Randy Savage ever be in the Hall of Fame?

It's no secret that before his passing, there was still bad blood between Randy Savage and Vince McMahon. Nobody has ever really gone on record and confirmed why the animosity exists, but it must be incredibly severe for the Macho Man to never be offered a return to the company after WCW folded. Literally everybody else apart from Jeff Jarrett was given a chance to come back, even Jesse Ventura, but never Savage. There have of course been silly rumours involving an underage Stephanie McMahon circling on the internet for what seems like forever, and various other bits of speculation, so lets clear up some facts.

It's known that Randy wanted both his father, Angelo Poffo, who was something of a local legend back in the territory days and his brother Lanny Poffo, who was really nothing more than a perpetual jobber, but a popular one who spent a very long time in the business, inducted into the Hall of Fame along with him. WWE refused his request and Savage never acquiesced and then he died. To be inducted along with his father and brother was something thought very important to Savage and he felt slighted by WWE's lack of respect towards his family.

The other big known contentious point between Randy and Vince was that Savage was very unhappy at being forced to go and join the commentary team when he thought he still had years left in him. That was why he eventually left for WCW, but perhaps Vince was right because Savage was pretty awful during his time with the company. But there has to be something bigger between them because Vince has buried pretty much every hatchet he's ever made for the sake of business, but never this one. Perhaps we'll never know why for real.

WWE still want Savage in the Hall of Fame and it's known his brother refused them permission in 2012, but recently said for the sake of the fans he'd allow his brother to be inducted without himself or their father. The Hall of Fame is mostly meaningless, but it's nice for the wrestlers to receive the recognition, and the WWE Hall of Fame can never really be taken seriously if one of the biggest stars in the business if left out over a grudge.

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