WWE: No Sign of CM Punk Returning

CM Punk does not want to return to WWE despite Vince McMahon's efforts

Of course, the big news over the last fortnight involving WWE has been CM Punk abruptly walking out of the company and maintaining a vow of silence in the aftermath of the devastating news. The fans are worried and confused and WWE are trying to act as if nothing has happened and that their second biggest star being absent for two weeks running is normal. Everything is still a little murky at this point as neither party has commented on the whole ordeal, but what we do know is that Punk is banged up, unhappy with creative and disappointed with returning stars getting pushed to the main event even though they only work part time. I, like every other fan wants CM Punk back in the company, but it has been apparent for several months that he is working hurt and unhappy, and if he needs time off then more power to him.

The word is that Vince McMahon is desperate to bring the straight edge superstar back into the fold because he makes them a ton of money and rather surprisingly, he's fond of him personally; I doubt the feelings are reciprocated somehow. Punk is walking away from a ton of money with WrestleMania season in full flow, but it has never been about the money for him, he wants to headline WrestleMania, pure and simple. He was looked over last year when he should have headlined versus The Rock or John Cena or both in triple threat and WrestleMania 30 looks like it is going to be main evented by Randy Orton and Batista, which is the most depressing WrestleMania main event in recent memory.

The very latest rumours are that Punk has no plans to return to WWE in the near future and with his contract up in the summer, there is a very good chance we will never see him in a WWE ring again. The sadly ironic thing about the whole thing is that Punk would have a better chance of headlining WrestleMania if he disappeared for a few years and came back as a part time attraction. It's sad to me that out last memories of CM Punk in a WWE ring involve him being chokeslammed by Corporate Kane through an announce table, he deserved to go out with a bang, for the fans if no one else.

I do hope something can be worked out that satisfies Punk so that he can wrestle at WrestleMania, if only for selfish reasons. He's the best overall talent WWE has and the last two Raw's have had a huge whole in them where he should have been. I support his decision to walk, but I so want him to return in a manically explosive way before WrestleMania.

Sam has been a fan of WWE ever since the first time he saw The Rock land The People's Elbow. He has a nostalgic fondness of ECW and regards Shawn Michaels as the greatest wrestler ever. Follow him on Twitter.

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