WWE: The Booing of Batista

A look at the merciless booing of Batista upon his return to the Royal Rumble.

One of the greatest things about live entertainment is that you can't control how the crowd reacts to what you put in front of them. There is no finer example of that than what occurred at the 2014 Royal Rumble - upset at not being given what they want, the fans in attendance hijacked the PPV and began chanting derogatorily at anything that wasn't Daniel Bryan. Batista, on his return, turned out to be the biggest victim of this as the crowd laid into him mercilessly from the second he came out until he walked back up the ramp, and it was one of the greatest moments I'd seen on WWE programming in a long time.

It was pure car crash television and fascinating to watch unfold as everything everybody did just resulted in more boos and jeers. Batista looked visibly annoyed as he was trying to celebrate after the match only for his big comeback to be ruined by smarks wanting to actually watch interesting wrestlers. A hot, smart crowd is a dangerous thing when the product is this bad as they actively turn on everything that isn't what they want to see and they sure as Hell didn't want to see Batista.

It will be interesting to see how Batista is booked going forward as the crowd clearly see him as a heel yet he is being used as a face. I'd turn him as quick as possible to set up a WrestleMania main event of Daniel Bryan V Batista because that's something fans will definitely be interested in. Batista was always much better as a heel anyway. WWE hasn't got anything right as of late so let's not get ahead of ourselves but the ruthless treatment of Batista gives you the perfect opening for a heel turn and that would be the right direction to go in here.

Sam has been a fan of WWE ever since the first time he saw The Rock land The People's Elbow. He has a nostalgic fondness of ECW and regards Shawn Michaels as the greatest wrestler ever. Follow him on Twitter.

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