WWE: The New Age Outlaws are back!

I've been saying it would be a good idea for a while, but the New Age Outlaws are finally back wrestling in a WWE ring. They appeared on Old School Raw as expected and did their little bit, pumping up the crowd and backing up CM Punk during the main event, but I don't think anybody expected to see them wrestling on Smackdown just days later.

They teamed with CM Punk to take on The Shield and it was not the best match, but the Outlaws, given their age and ring rust acquitted themselves just fine and the crowd were in to them. I honestly assumed it was going to be a one time deal, but I was wrong and they once again teamed with Punk against The Shield on Raw. This time the match had more importance as in a shocking swerve, the Outlaws turned on Punk and left him at the mercy of all three members of The Shield. The idea seemingly, was to subtly build the CM Punk V Triple H feud that is currently bubbling under and likely to climax at WrestleMania by having Triple H's old faction mates turn heel on Punk.

Hopefully this means that we will be seeing more of the New Age Outlaws over the next few months. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a handicap match set up with Punk at Raw and they can also provide some depth to the tag team division. I'd like to see the Outlaws stay around until WrestleMania and maybe compete in a turmoil style match for the Tag Team Championship and for them to leave on a high note, even though they'll likely be at Old School Raw next year and the year after that etc.

I think we're likely to see the Outlaws play a minor role in the feud between Triple H and CM Punk over the months leading towards WrestleMania and also perhaps appear in the Royal Rumble. Road Dogg can still cut a promo and Billy Gunn is still a solid in-ring performer so it's good to have them back as it adds depth and intrigue to a thin roster.