Whitehall to be axed from award show over Queen remarks? - Daily TV round-up

Gags about the Queen could see him dropped from the National Television Awards

Comedian Jack Whitehall could be axed from a prestigious job presenting a prize at the National Television Awards following controversial jokes he made while appearing on a Channel 4 quiz show.

Whitehall... in hot water over quiz show jokes (Copyright: Rex)

Organisers of the awards are said to have called 'a summit conference' about whether or not he should appear.

Co-executive producer George Mitchell told the Daily Mail that he would offer Whitehall the chance to 'bow out gracefully' from the show, giving him 'the chance to withdraw'.

Whitehall, who admitted that he and teammate James Corden were drunk while appearing on Channel 4's 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year', made a series of jokes about the Queen and Susan Boyle, that were deemed offensive by some viewers.

Ofcom has so far received 165 complaints, despite the jokes being broadcast after the 9pm watershed.

The pair also made jokes about Olympian Usain Bolt and Barack Obama.

MPs have waded in to the debate over whether it was appropriate to broadcast the jokes too.

Tory MP Connor Burns, who is a member of the culture, media and sport select committee, said: “I actually watched some of the broadcast because we are staying with family for the holidays and I found it quite distasteful.

“Sadly this sort of gauche, vulgar 'anything goes humour' that appeals to the lowest common denominator in society is becoming more common.

“It was base, unfunny comedy and in some ways I thought its greater crime really was that it just wasn’t funny.” [Daily Mail]

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