Waterloo Road’s Heather Peace reveals her musical inspirations

Her upcoming single, ‘We Can Change’, is already receiving rave reviews

After making her name as an actress in TV shows like 'London's Burning', 'Ultimate Force', 'The Chase' and 'Lip Service', Heather Peace recently left her role in 'Waterloo Road' to make her second album, 'The Thin Line'.

It seems that stepping away from acting to wholeheartedly focus on recording her album has paid off, as the reveal of 'The Thin Line's' release date and artwork trended on Twitter, and the first single from the album, 'We Can Change' was recently given its first play on Radio 2. The song was named track of the week in the 'uncharted territory' slot by Richard Madeley, who said "She's a phenomenal talent and we think this song will go far."

'We Can Change' will be released June 9, the same date as the album. Peace recently revealed the meaning behind the single, saying: "We Can Change is my big gay anthem… it's a message to anyone that opposes equal rights for LGBT people. It's basically saying, stop pointing out the differences and we can actually change the world for the better. Oh and the line "this is just a part of me, it's not the whole of me" is really just a dig at those editors that feel like they have to write "lesbian actress" or "lesbian musician" as a tag line to interviews I do. Just "actress" or "musician" is fine. I've been playing piano longer than I've been kissing girls and my wife says I'm much better at the piano!"

Lyrically, 'The Thin Line' is full of hope and passion, dealing with friendship, sex, sexuality and relationships - and the trials of social media. The album tackles some tough issues, which become even more apparent when Peace reveals the inspiration behind some of The Thin Line's biggest tracks.

One song that has already caused a stir is 'Lily', which Peace gave away for free to fans last week. Many were left wondering what the song was about, and the singer has since shed some light on the track's heartfelt lyrics, which are about domestic abuse and wanting to seek revenge for a friend.

"I helped a friend through a terrible situation and I felt incredibly guilty for not having recognised that it had been going on for so long. There's a lot of anger in that song because it's something that affects so many women and makes them feel helpless and unable to speak out. So I didn't want to make the song sound helpless, I wanted it to sound strong and fierce and loud."

One of the appeals of 'The Thin Line' is that Peace is so honest with her lyrics, which are perfectly showcased by her stunning vocal performances. It's no surprise that the tracks are meaningful as Peace wrote all of the songs on 'The Thin Line', collaborating with her friend Shelly Poole on three, with her guitarist Michael Clancy on one and with Scottish singer/songwriter Michelle Sloan on another.

Heather will perform at various festivals throughout the summer before touring with her full band in October. 'Lily' is still available to download for free from Heather's website, where more information can be found about her upcoming tour. 'The Thin Line' and 'We Can Change' will be released on June 9.

Heather will also appear in 'Prey' with John Simm, which starts on Monday (April 28) on ITV1.

Follow Heather on Twitter: @heatherpeace

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