Waterloo Road’s Heather Peace on Hector’s flirtation: ‘He’s worn Nikki down’

After woo-ing Nikki for weeks, Hector finally makes his move at the Resilience Camp and, according to actress Heather Peace, she falls for it…

Since she arrived at 'Waterloo Road' all the way back in the latter part of series seven, Nikki Boston (Heather Peace) hasn't had the easiest time in the romance department. She had a brief relationship with Lorraine Donnegan (Daniela Denby-Ashe) before her ex-husband and the daughter she gave up at birth turned up last term.

After meeting Sue's sister, Vix, it seemed like Nikki was ready to settle down, as she proposed to her new girlfriend. However, after his relentless flirting over the last few weeks, Nikki will supposedly fall for Hector's charms as they chaperone the Resilience Camp in tonight's (February 5) episode.

We asked Heather Peace, who plays Nikki, why her character finally succumbs to Hector's flirtations and chatted about Nikki's ferociously private persona.

Nikki's handled Hector's flirting quite well so far, do you think she's quite enjoyed the attention he's been giving her?

She's quite a flirt in general is Nikki. She's kind of just batted him off throughout the series but he's worn her down basically. He's a beautiful looking man but he's an absolute idiot and she's told him again and again and again that she's not interested but it's just been kind of playground stuff so far really.

What makes Nikki see Hector in a different light this week?

They're flirty, as usual, but little does she know that Hector's pulling out all the stops to impress her on the trip. They're left to set up camp and there's a lot of flirtatious joking between them and it goes a bit further than she expects.

Then, later on, he does something that she finds quite amazing, he rescues someone, and she starts to feel bad because she has chastised him for a good five episodes. She literally just repeatedly tells him that he's an idiot but there's a lot of flirtation between them and when she has a few drinks there's a bit of a mishap…

Will that cause trouble for Nikki and Vix's engagement?

Yeah, that will be the main arc for Nikki over the next five episodes down to her exit. It will be a definite test on their relationship as they've already been very up and down with the happiness of their engagement and then Nikki's worries about how Eve would respond to Vix.

Nikki is so regimented at work, does she think that Hector should be more focused on the kids when they're on the trip, rather than flirting with her?

In the whole lead up to the trip she's thinks that he's inappropriate with the flirting, and she has told him that, but she ultimately falls for it.

He doesn't make the best choice on the school trip but Nikki's not aware of that at the time - she's actually the one who calls back into the school to call it off when things go wrong.

There's a minor incident where Hector has to rescue a student but it really impresses her. She feels that she's been very harsh towards him so she goes around to apologise when they get back and it happens again.

Have you enjoyed all of the active scenes where Nikki's army skills are put to use?

I don't really know why she's always outdoors to be honest because she's an English teacher but I suppose it is all to do with the army stuff. I like doing both though, it's nice to see her in the classroom with the kids, but the sports stuff is probably more fun to be honest. I loved doing all of the boxing training stuff with Kacey last series too.

As the kids are aware of Nikki's relationship now, and with this dalliance with Hector going to cause trouble for her and Vix, will we see Nikki become more open about her private life at school?

Oh god, no, not at all! That's not a sexuality thing either she's just a ferociously private person, without a doubt, because I think she thinks that anything that people know about her personally undermines how she is viewed at the workplace.

She's not open about it at all and actually what pans out is seriously the most embarrassing thing for her as it does come out at school. Certainly as I was playing it, I was just thinking "this would be ten times more embarrassing for Nikki than it would be for me."

Her personal life coming out, it's like airing her dirty laundry in public…

'Waterloo Road' is on tonight (February 5) at 8pm on BBC1

Heather can be found on Twitter at @heatherpeace

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