Walking Dead Season 4 returns to answer fans’ burning questions

Fans await second half of fourth season for further revelations

COMMENT | It's been a long wait for fans of 'The Walking Dead' but the second half of season four is finally almost here. Episode eight ended with a series of bombshells that have really rocked the boat in terms of where the series will go now. If you are not right up to date, it would be best not to read any more as there will be spoilers from the first half of season four.

I can't wait to see the further adventures of Rick and the rest of the survivors after the events of episode eight. Hershel got his head hacked off, The Governor finally bought the farm and the prison is history. Here are the biggest burning questions on everybody's minds as we move in to the second half which will air on UK TV on Monday 10th February.

What next?

With the haven that was the prison ruined, what is next for our band of survivors? They will undoubtedly be keen to find another sanctuary away from the herds of walkers that roam the land. A radio broadcast was heard earlier in the season so there may be a chance of finding another refuge but where will it be and who will make it? We already know they meet up with some new characters along the way including many from the comics such as Eugene, Rosita and Abraham. However, who knows how friendly the survivors they meet will be? Will they begin travelling in the direction of Washington as they do in the comics?

Will the group reunite?

A huge question that fans will be eager to have answered is will the group from the prison be reunited and if so, when? We last saw them scattered with Rick and Carl looking in particularly bad shape as The Governor laid quite a serious smack down on Rick in episode eight. Rick will not be capable of leading even his own son, let alone a larger group in the state he is currently in. Similarly Glenn is not fully recovered from the sickness that swept the prison and he and Maggie are now separated, suggesting that they will want to spend time looking for each other. Then there is the equally burning question of whether Carol, who Rick had earlier exiled from the prison, will return to meet up with any of the survivors. Daryl, for one, would be particularly happy to see her but it could have damaging repercussions for relationships in the group.

Is Baby Judith alive?

Another massive question mark hangs over the head of poor little baby Judith. A car seat with a pool of blood is the only clue to what has happened to her and though she died in the comics, many are speculating that she is still alive and well and safe with some of the other prison survivors. Rick and Carl may think she is dead but this is far from certain. Hopefully all will be revealed in the second half of season four.

Will you be watching when 'The Walking Dead' returns and what questions do you want answered?

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