The Walking Dead mid-season 4 recap

What has happened so far in season 4?

It all started so well. Season four opened with Rick enjoying a rare moment of relative peace and quiet as he took to farming in the prison garden. Things could have turned out so differently but now those days are long gone and it looks as though the open road is where the action of the second half of the season will take place.

The shadow of the Governor loomed over season four but the writers kept his whereabouts a secret until the very end of episode five. Then two episodes completely filled in what he had been up to since disappearing at the end of season three and finally episode eight culminated in a huge and unforgettable stand-off between the prison 'inmates' and the Governor and his new gang of cronies.


The Rick-tatorship of season three was over by the time season four began. Rick has been concentrating on being a better father to Carl and allowing a committee to make the big decisions that dictate how life in the prison is going to be. Unfortunately by episode eight, the old Rick is emerging as he is forced to take an active leadership role in the fight against the Governor. Meanwhile Michonne has been slowly but surely coming out of her shell. She started the season on a one woman revenge mission to track down and kill the Governor but has gradually become much more of a team player and even got a tender moment with baby Judith in one episode. Most intriguingly Carol went from timid little old lady to hard-ass warrior mother figure, teaching the kids how to survive in this new and deadly world. Of course the best of Carol was yet to come.

The sickness

The population of the prison had rapidly grown since the end of season three and with new people came a new illness. Without decent medicine, the survivors started dropping like flies, only to be reanimated as walkers within the prison walls and causing all sorts of carnage. Carol killed and burnt the bodies of two victims before being exiled by Rick in a later episode and it is still unclear where she is or if she is still alive and well. There was a quarantine put into effect to try and stem the sickness' spread but even Glenn nearly dies from the illness. Hershel emerged as an absolute hero, caring for the sick, disposing of the dead and fighting off walkers all in one episode. It made his demise at the hands of The Governor in episode eight all the more tragic.

The Governor

Despite only appearing in half of the episodes (and only for a few seconds in one), thoughts of the Governor dominated season four so far. Every time things got bad in the prison, fans were waiting on the edge of their seats for the villain to pop up and make everyone's lives even worse. With the illness seemingly under control, Carol kicked out and Rick emerging to lead once more, it was time for the writers to throw their biggest spanner back in the works. Two episodes caught us up with what The Governor had been up to. The first showed him becoming a hopeless drifter and then turning family man as he found a reason to go on living again. When he and his surrogate family found another group to live with, the murderous psychopath re-emerged and The Governor decided the only way to keep his family safe would be to take on the prison group... with a tank! The Governor killed Hershel in cold blood, many more died (including most likely baby Judith), the prison got wrecked and then finally Michonne had her revenge and dispatched The Governor.

The pace at which the Governor was reintroduced and then killed off was incredibly fast and it is very sad to see him go. With the prison half destroyed and Rick and Carl now separated from the rest of the group, the second half of season four is completely open to new possibilities.

What did you think of the fourth season so far? Best bits? Worst bits?

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