The Walking Dead: What comes next for Carol the killer?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4: Indifference

With last week's episode closing with the enormous bombshell that Carol was the culprit responsible for killing two sick people and burning their bodies, 'Indifference' deals with the fallout of that huge revelation.

The episode opens with a beautifully cross cut pair of scenes of Carol and Lizzie talking while Rick retraces the steps that made Carol a killer. Carol and young girl Lizzie are discussing the ethics of walker killing which gives Lizzie's strength a chance to shine through but we still see the lost little girl beneath; the girl who just wants a mother and not the stone cold killer Carol has become.


Meanwhile Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob are wandering the woods in the hope of getting back to safety after they lost their car on a run for supplies in the previous episode. Their search for medicine continues even though they are miles from the safety of the prison and they make the most of their time outside of the walls to ensure they do not return empty handed.

With their scavengers failing to return, it is left for Rick and Carol to hit the streets in search of supplies. Carol tries to explain herself to Rick while the pair search a nearby town but Rick is clearly struggling with his conscious and just what exactly he now has to do with Carol. Their conversations skirt around the issue and it takes the full episode for Rick to finally reveal his feelings on the matter. Carol discloses more about herself, reflecting on her time as an abused wife while both bond over those they have lost. Melissa McBride as the wounded but increasingly strong Carol becomes an increasingly tragic figure and her fate is left terrifyingly open as the episode closes.


Rick and Carol run into a pair of strangers holed up in a house. These two young lovebirds seem a bit battered but still with sunny dispositions in comparison to most of the people we've met on the road. The meeting with the two strangers reveals a changing Rick. It helps that these 'kids' are friendly, warm and appreciative of their help but clearly Rick is warming up inside after his descent into darkness and dictatorship last season. While Rick may have seemed at his coldest in season three and is battling with his feelings for Carol, here he offers assistance to those who need it.

Michonne continues to develop ever more enticingly with each new episode. She seems to be opening up to everyone slowly but surely at the moment, with Tyreese and Daryl getting almost tender moments her. She reveals she doesn't even know why she is still out looking for The Governor on her solo missions. It sure would be fun to see what happens after she sets off on her hunts sometimes as you can bet that sword gets a fierce workout some days. It looks as though we might never get the chance though as Michonne makes an interesting decision about her future and there is still no sign of the big bad Governor yet.

It is an episode full of scavenging from tomato picking to penicillin spotting and considering most of the scenes take place outside the prison walls, there are relatively few walker kills, though Michonne gets a nice chance to behead one of the bitey blighters.

Bob gets a little bit of back story and is clearly a developing character to keep an eye on. A secret is revealed about him that destabilises his position in the group and will likely become a bigger problem as the season continues.


Closing with a melancholy tune and one survivor promising to stay at the prison while another is excluded from returning, it is a tragic episode full of the usual sadness we have come to expect from this gripping season. Frustratingly, with all this action outside the prison, fans will have to wait until next week to learn the fate of Glenn who was last seen coming down with the sickness in the previous episode. Join me in praying that Glenn is not next on the sadistic writers' hit list.

Who do you think will be next to bite the dust in season four of 'The Walking Dead'?

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