Viewers complain about new Go Compare ad starring Sue Barker – Daily TV round-up

Sue Barker stars in the new Go Compare ad (screengrab)
Viewers have complained about the new Go Compare ad that features Sue Barker blowing up the Go Compare opera singer.

The Advertising Standards Authority have received complaints about the advert, which shows Barker dressed as an assassin in a balaclava training a bazooka on the chubby singer, played by real-life tenor Wynne Evans.

She then fires the weapon, blowing up Gio Compario though he is later seen crawling alive from the smoking crater.

But some viewers have found the ad to be in poor taste.

“We have received a total of 43 complaints so far,” said a spokesperson from the ASA. “Some people think it offensive especially at a time when children are watching. Others think it inappropriate when our security forces are coming under fire on a daily basis.

“As with all complaints we are looking into the matter before deciding if we launch a full investigation.” [The Sun]

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