TV ad banned for glamorising bingo – Daily TV round-up

A TV ad for Fabulous Magazine has been banned for after it was deemed that it connected gambling with sexual attraction.

The ad was for Fabulous Bingo, the online gambling service run by the News International-owned magazine, and showed a women signing up on a laptop.

She is then instantly transformed from drab office wear into glamorous clothes, with a new hair-do and make-up.

Ads watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority has now ruled that it broke guidelines after the Gambling Reform & Society Perception Group complained that it linked gambling to 'seduction, sexual success and enhanced attractiveness'.

“Because the ad featured such an overt transformation from dowdy to glamorous through playing the branded bingo game there was an implication that playing the branded bingo game could result in enhanced attractiveness and an improvement in self-image,” said the ASA.

“We therefore considered that from that ad directly linked the online bingo game with enhanced attractiveness and concluded that the ad breached the [advertising] code.” [The Guardian]

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