The Voice ‘went £650,000 over budget’ – Daily TV round-up

BBC talent show 'The Voice' reportedly went over its budget by more than £650,000.

The BBC initially paid £22 million for the rights to the show, which started in Holland and was then a hit in the US.

But now it’s being claimed that the Beeb has refused to foot the bill for additional costs of £650,000, leaving the production company behind it, Wall To Wall, to pay the excess.

It's thought that the extra cash went on the show's elaborate set, including the judge's pricey swivel chairs.

A source at the corporation told The Sun that 'we handed over a certain amount of money for the show and it is up to the production company how they spend it'.

The show, which BBC controller Danny Cohen hailed as the biggest entertainment hit in a decade, lost a third of its audience over the series while its winner Leanne Mitchell failed to break the Top 40 with her debut single. [The Sun]

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