What is the 'Terminus' sanctuary in The Walking Dead?

Are the prison survivors heading to disaster or safety?

Since the battle of the prison half way through season four of 'The Walking Dead', the survivors have been wandering in the woods looking for each other but with little or no plan of what to do next. Slowly but surely however, they have all begun finding signs to a sanctuary that seems to be known as Terminus and marked clearly on a map.

'The Walking Dead' television show is known for diverting from the original comics in many ways and therefore no one can be sure where the show is heading exactly. This has led to lots of fan speculation as to what the survivors will find and who will be waiting there for them when they arrive. Season four is undoubtedly leading to a climax when at least some of the survivors eventually arrive at Terminus so here are some theories on what it could be. This article contains potential spoilers.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone

In the comics, Rick and others find a community living in a walled off section of streets just outside Washington. Known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone, it becomes a refuge for a long time to many of the characters. This would end season four on a very optimistic note as the Safe-Zone seems idyllic, almost like a new prison and a place that they can rest in relative safety. In the comics, there are problems of course, with other communities nearby and herds of walkers outside the walls also causing disturbances. However, Rick soon takes a leadership role at the Safe-Zone and this would be a good place to at least reunite lots of the scattered prison survivors.

The Saviors

More worryingly, there is a group of ruthless survivors who are almost like a cult and led by a psychopath named Negan. They have a base in the comics known as The Sanctuary and the community at the Alexandria Safe-Zone have numerous clashes with The Saviors. Their base is an abandoned factory that is surrounded by still alive walkers spiked on pikes. Though the prison group do not end up coming across The Saviors until after The Alexandria Safe-Zone in the comics, things could get twisted up in the TV series and this would make for a very dangerous ending to the fourth season.

The Hunters

I've been waiting for cannibal group The Hunters to show up all through this second half of season four but there has been no sign yet as of episode 13. With not long to go now until the end of the season, surely it is time for them to show up. If that is the case and the television show is going to not deviate too much from the comics, then the sanctuary that all the survivors are heading for could just be a trap set by the Hunters to lure fresh meat in. If that is the case, then expect a very grim and exciting end to season four. Could this really be the end of the line?

What do you think the survivors will find at 'Terminus'?

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