Ten Highlights of 25 years of This Morning

Ten moments that made Britain sit up and take notice

It has been 25 years since Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan presented the first episode of 'This Morning' with Thursday's episode marking the show's 25th anniversary. To celebrate this landmark, we look back here at some of the more memorable events in the show's history.

1. An 'inebriated' Kerry Katona

The reality star who likes to play out her life in public appeared on 'This Morning' back in 2008, and noticeably slurred her words while speaking. It was car crash TV, and Katona's life sadly hasn't calmed down too much since then, as she was declared bankrupt quite recently.

2. The world's biggest breasts

Not sure why I remember this one...Chelsea Charms and her literally unbelievably huge breasts made an appearance on 'This Morning' back in May, 2011. Well worth looking up if you haven't seen it already.

3. The world's biggest penis

Not to be outdone, Jonah Falcon, official Guinness Book of World Records holder of the world's biggest penis, also appeared on the 'This Morning' sofa in September, 2012. It was rather difficult to keep the conversation appropriate for pre-watershed, but an admirable job was done.

4. Katie Hopkins

There have been any number of controversial appearances by motormouth Katie Hopkins, during each of which she has made Adolf Hitler look like a tree-hugging liberal. The one that got the most attention was when she stated that she wouldn't let her children play with others based on their names, but she likes laying into the obese and unemployed as well.

5. Richard Madelely as Ali G

One of the most famous moments in the history of 'This Morning' was when Richard Madeley dressed as the Sacha Baron-Cohen character Ali G. His wife, Judy, was evidently none too impressed, but it made for an amusing spectacle.

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6. David Cameron and the famous piece of paper

Philip Schofield tried to take David Cameron to task over paedophilia when he appeared on the 'This Morning' sofa, but, to be honest, did a really bad job of it, ended up with egg on his face, and was forced to apologise. Apart from that, it went quite well.

7. Jo Sudworth and 500 men

Jo Sudworth appeared on 'This Morning' in September, 2010. Married Jo boasted of having slept with over 500 men, including 40 in one day on her 40th birthday. Difficult to add anything to that, really.

8. David Icke

The former television presenter has made a couple of appearances on the programme, which was perhaps not the ideal forum to discuss some of his more outlandish ideas. Philip Schofield attempted to engage him in discussion, Fern Britton just looked confused.

9. Nudist on the weather map

Back in the days when Fred Talbot the weatherman used to read out the weather from a map floating in Liverpool docks, one of his broadcasts was interrupted by a serial nudist, who made a habit of making such public appearances. Fred didn't seem very amused.

10. Samantha Brick

Finally, Samantha Brick, an extremely moderate Daily Mail journalist, appeared on 'This Morning' to proclaim that women hated her because she was too attractive. It's horrible to see a woman with such a low opinion of herself...