Steven Moffat has a Sherlock/Doctor Who photo that could break the Internet!

The head writer of Doctor Who revealed today that a crossover of sorts has already happened

Steven Moffat was a busy man today. He took part in three talks at London Film and Comic Con: two for 'Doctor Who' and one for 'Sherlock'. One question that kept coming up was whether the shows will ever crossover. The answer was a resounding no, with Moffat saying that they simply don't exist in the same universe. He then added that Madame Vastra is basically Sherlock Holmes for the Doctor's world.

Moffat did, however, still manage to get fans excited, when he teased audiences by revealing that he has a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in their Sherlock attire sitting on the TARDIS! Of course, he didn't then show us the photo but it's probably for the best as it would surely break the Internet!

Moffat went on to address the recently leaked script for 'Doctor Who', explaining that 'we were all really miserable about it'. He also said that 'you can all Google the thing' but quickly added 'please don't!'.

What Moffat really wanted to stress was that right now it's all about launching the new Doctor and, with a couple of teasers and an image to go on, fans were happy to hear more about Peter Capaldi and what we can expect from the new series. Jenna Coleman, the Doctor's current companion, said 'they work very differently' when asked how Capaldi compares to Matt Smith, adding that Capaldi is a 'complete departure'. Coleman went on to say that 'he's got the most incredible hands' and 'everything about him is Doctoresque'.

When asked about the level of violence and terror in the show, Moffat said that children should 'enjoy hiding behind the sofa', not be scared of real things in their everyday life as a result of watching it. Though he did then add that 'we've got some nasty ones coming up' in the new series so who knows what he's got planned!

'Doctor Who' returns to the BBC, with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, on 23rd August in feature length episode 'Deep Breath'.

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