Steven Moffat: Doctor Who Flirting Is Over

Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord is all business

Doctor Who's showrunner Steven Moffat has confirmed that Peter Capaldi's Time Lord won't flirt his way through time and space like his predecessors, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

During a discussion with The Radio Times [via Digital Spy] the Scottish scribe explained that Capaldi's incarnation of the Time Lord "goes back to being the trickier version of the Doctor, the fierce alien wanderer."

"He's not a human being, however much he larks around pretending he is," he continued. "He is different and it's time to stop play-acting. He's not apologising, he's not flirting with you - that's over."

While it was always enjoyable to see Smith and Tennant's Doctors flirting in the TARDIS and across different galaxies with the likes of Amy Pond and Rose Tyler, Moffat's declaration suggests that a more mature era for 'Doctor Who' is just around the corner.

Moffat also added that 56-year-old Capaldi, despite his age, still manages to bring a "boyish and young" quality to his incarnation of the character, which many Whovians believe will evoke the likes of Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, as well as Smith and Tennant's versions.

Of course, we won't fully get to dissect Capaldi's performance as the Doctor until we actually see him as the character for an extended period of time, which we should all be privy to in just a few weeks … hopefully.

What do you think Peter Capaldi's Doctor will be like?

Gregory Wakeman is a Doctor Who buff whose favourite incarnation of the character is Christopher Eccleston's 9th Time Lord. Only because he's northern.

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