Soaps preview 8 – 12 April

Two weddings and a funeral! Wedding fever hits soapland – and the ceremonies on ‘Enders’ and ‘Emmerdale’ all go exactly to plan -  OF COURSE THEY DON'T.  Also, the Street says farewell to Sunita.

Coronation Street
Tissues at the ready as The Street bids a fond(ish) farewell to Sunita. The police hand the post mortem results to Dev. She died of smoke inhalation and most likely pulled her own ventilator tube out, which seems to mark her out as the arsonist.

Of course we know better – and the real firestarter, Karl, is beginning to feel the pressure. He gives Simon a real shake when the little monster tells Asha and Aadi that their mum won’t get into heaven because she started the fire at the pub.

And he’s desperate to leave and not go to the funeral. But Stella insists that she needs his support. And now he’s rekindled the flames of passion with her, he feels obliged to go.

But when Dev breaks down giving the eulogy – it’s too much for Karl and he sprints from the church. Stella chases him down among the gravestones.

As Karl unburdens himself he tells Stella he loves her. How will Stella react to his confession?

Also this week: Eileen can’t deal with her emotion as Paul returns to work. She tells him to choose between the job and her. 
Wedding showdown: Phil finds out something that could wreck Sharon's big day (Credit: BBC)EastEnders
Oh, we do love a soap wedding. Almost as much as Sharon who has had one to Grant and Dennis. So we both know that Sharon and Jack are bound to get married, no problem.

Well, apart from the fact that Sharon’s been snogging Phil, obviously. And the little matter of the return of Ronnie for Jack. Still, the stag do goes well, doesn’t it? Well, no. It’s going great until the moment that Jay and the rest decide to play a joke and leave Jack locked in the R&R with a stripper.

A prank that goes wrong – not because Jack would do anything wrong – but because they accidentally lock him in with Phil Mitchell. Not someone who Jack (or anyone alive) is likely to enjoy a lap dance from at the best of times.

Things get worse for Jack when his phone rings and Phil notices it is Ronnie calling. The pair fight to get hold of the phone –and eventually Jack admits a fact that gives Phil the chance to torpedo his wedding – he’s been to visit Ronnie in prison.  But when the boys get to the club and open the door –they find the pair talking amicably. What’s going on?

Sharon herself is worried enough as Tanya has seen her “talking closely” to Phil and is already suspicious. While her hen do goes relatively calmly, she panics when she hears Phil has been locked in a room with Jack. Will he have given away the secret of the snog. Before slipping on her dress and letting Jack take her up the aisle, she gives Phil a stark warning  - ruin my big day and I will never forgive you. 

So will it be the wedding she always dreamed of? (Ha ha ha!) What will Phil do? Has Jack fallen back in love with Ronnie? Will she show up for the wedding? How is it going to be ruined?

Also this week: Max tells Kirsty that he doesn’t want to have kids with her and asks her to have an abortion. Hard-hearted son of a gun.

Wedding no-show: Brenda refuses to attend Gennie's ceremony (Credit: ITV)

Whereas Sharon is delighted at the thought of getting married, Gennie can’t cope with her ceremony – because her mum is refusing to attend.
Normally, it’s because she doesn’t approve. But on this occasion Brenda is staying away because she doesn’t want her illness to spoil the day.

Brenda even refuses when Bob suggests she go on Gennie’s hen do. Georgia is determined to talk to Brenda and make her see she can’t miss the wedding. But Brenda refuses to talk to Georgia about the wedding and is left upset and angry.

Georgia insists to Bob they go and buy her an outfit for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Brenda remains resolute she is not attending and tells Gennie she will be thinking of her but she just can’t be there.

It’s almost too heartbreaking particularly as she goes down the aisle staring at a conspicuously empty seat.  Can she go through with it, without her mum watching? Will Phil ruin the whole thing? (Oh, sorry, wrong soap).

Also this week: Debbie seeks revenge on Cameron by messing about and playing with his two sons.

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