Soaps preview (5 – 9 March)

"Someone get my mop... oh, and the police."

Coronation Street
It's not polite to speak ill of the dead. But that said: Yes! He's dead. Finally. Frank Foster gets his comeuppance. Frank is found at the bottom of the stairs of the factory with his head smashed in. Hurrah! Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

And there's no shortage of suspects to the killing either, setting up a classic soap whodunnit and a game of ‘Corrie’ Cluedo. First up is Sally (Mrs (thinks she's whiter than) White), who is discovered bending over his dead body with blood on her hands. After using her to get the factory staff on side, he's ditched her and admitted raping Carla – "There's winners and losers in life, Sally," he tells her. "And for a short time, you were a winner." Seeing her so upset enrages her ex- husband Kevin (Mr Green with envy), who gets all chivalrous at the way she's been treated. We know he's prone to violence.

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Oh, yes. Of course, as well as raping her, he has now also cheated Carla (couldn't be more Miss Scarlet) out of the factory with the help of secret lover Jenny. Of course, there's her sister Michelle (Mrs Peacock? Well, she looks glamorous and could at a push be used as a guard dog), who clashes with Frank before he dies and ends up stealing the contract he conned Carla into signing. .

But let's not forget Peter Barlow. On the night of the murder he's stinking drunk (he goes to Norris's birthday party and at one point has him in a headlock) and can't remember a thing that has gone on. And the evidence stacks up against him, when the police discover the murder weapon was a bottle of whisky. Right, that's it! Professor Glum in the factory with a bottle of whisky, that is our guess!

Also this week: Dennis Tanner (excellent comeback, by the way) leaves for Birmingham for a new job. But at the last minute he has a change of heart and decides to propose to Rita. Awwww.

The blue is there because the mood is sad, as if you couldn't tell from the fact it's on EastEnders


The curse of the Masoods has been holding firm over the Square for quite some time. Even before they tangled with Yusef there were problems with Masood's job, the whole gay son thing and Masood falling asleep at the wheel.

But finally, things are beginning to look up. Finally. Zainab and Masood are reunited. And this week, so are Tamwar and Afia. It's thanks to Zainab finally revealing her big secret too. She comes clean about the fact that she sent Yusef back into the burning building – and is thus responsible for Tamwar's injuries.

While Tamwar is on the verge of running away, after the news, it finally draws him and Afia closer, when he realises she can live with his scarred body and she realises that she can rub him up the right way using healing creams.

Not only that, but having divested herself of the weighty secret, Zainab is left alone in a room with one person – guess who? Christian. In a moving scene, and one that we've been waiting for for AGES, he tells her "I forgive you" and she finally realises how horrible she's been to him. Hurrah!

As he's welcomed into the family, Amira finally has to concede she's trying to put a square peg in a round hole. She admits defeat and leaves Walford. But not before she takes Anthony Moon to heaven and back...

Also this week: Tanya has the test to discover if she's got cancer or not – but beforehand Lauren moves out and goes to live with the Moon brothers because Max is hard on her.


Ooh, get you Chas. First you go and leap on John Barton before his marriage is even over (was his getting crushed by a car some kind of karmic comeuppance). Now, you're all over Cameron even though he's just split up with your niece Debbie. To be fair, they're more off and on than the Woolpack lights, but still..

Debbie is already furious with Chas for letting Cameron stay with her. In fact, Chas is stunned by the force of her anger when she reveals she's taken her under her wing – but puts it down to tension over the test results for Sarah's saviour sibling.

Later in the week, there's an awkward atmosphere when Cameron wishes Debbie luck for the appointment.

Later, Chas and Cameron sit talking about love and compare notes about their terrible track records with relationships. As the chemistry sizzles, they surprise themselves by kissing. They both pull apart when they hear footsteps and Chas is mortified, telling Cameron that he's got the wrong end of the stick - but she seems uncertain about her feelings.

And then when the test results are positive, it looks like Cameron and Debbie are back together. For at least one episode.

Also this week: Aaron has a date with Ed. But it all goes wrong when he finds out about Jackson.