Soaps preview 5 – 9 November

Fireworks in ‘Coronation Street’ over another illicit kiss. Cain gets back with an old flame on ‘Emmerdale’ and Alfie tries to relight Kat’s fire on ‘EastEnders’.

Soap lust #1: Maria and Marcus kiss again in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
So we all knew that when Maria kissed the hell out of Marcus it was a one time thing, didn’t we? No way that it could carry on and mean anything, could it? Of course not.

So why is it that Maria gets upset when she realises Marcus is genuinely on the verge of moving to London? Just the thought of losing her best mate, presumably. That’s why she lies to Aiden and tells him Marcus isn’t keen on London.  So much so that Aiden decides not to take a promotion and bins the letter offering it to him.

Later at the salon, her nerves shredded, Maria tells an astounded Audrey she thinks she’s fallen in love with Marcus. Audrey’s sympathetic as Maria tells her about the kiss she and Marcus shared, but reminds her that Marcus is with Aiden and she’s with Jason who’s a decent bloke.
In turmoil, Maria fishes the letter out of the bin and slips it into Marcus’ post. Finding the letter, Marcus tackles Aiden about it. Aiden tells him he’s turned it down for him after Maria’s advice.

Decidedly upset, Marcus storms round to Maria and accuses her of meddling. The row intensifies and Marcus demands to know why Maria doesn’t want him to leave Weatherfield. Lost for words, Maria realises there’s only one way she can answer that… and so they end up snogging again.
Afterwards Marcus freaks out and leaves. Even after Maria admits she’s in love with him, he makes a snap decision and persuades Aiden to move to London with him for a fresh start. Is there anything Maria can do to win him back?

Also this week: Ken finally persuades Deirdre that he never came on to Wendy. Is this the beginning of a new era of trust for the Barlows?

Soap lust #2: Kat and Alfie attempt to spice things up in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Things finally seem to be on the up-and-up for Kat and Alfie. They’re back together, happy and believe it or not, Tommy has finally slept through the night. The proud parents plan some slightly less-exhausted-than-usual time together to celebrate. But as always there’s the dark shadow lurking – Kat’s lover is in the background.

While she’s planning a date night, he sends a text telling her Alfie can never make her happy, which shatters her contentment. And this isn’t helped when just as they’re setting off for dinner, Max, Derek and Jack arrive at the Vic to play poker – an engagement that Alfie has forgotten all about. He insists they play on without him.

Kat’s candlelit dinner at the B&B doesn’t go according to plan thanks to a mouse in a wine cooler – but by their standards that’s by no-means a disaster. But meanwhile, the poker players have taken note of the pawn receipt for Kat’s engagement ring pinned on the noticeboard.

And so when they return home, and Kat reaches for the brandy, she notices an envelope addressed to her. Her mother’s wedding ring is tucked inside. But which of the Branning brothers has gone to the (presumably all-night) pawn shop and paid off her debt? Will we ever find out?

Also this week: Christian and Syed are in deep trouble when Syed can’t say those three little words that matter.

Soap lust #3: Moira plants a kiss on Cain in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Cain, eh? Isn’t he irresistible? Well, no. Not for us. But clearly for some people - Moira included. Moira is one of the few people who has stuck by Chas in her hour of need. And when she tells everyone she is going to visit her in prison Cain makes a point of showing how annoyed this makes him.

After the harrowing visit, during which Chas begs her to not let Cain harm Cameron and ends up getting dragged away by a guard, Moira grabs Cain as he’s heading to the pub and tries to make amends by offering him cash to fix her car. But he refuses and tells her off.

Later at Tug Ghyll, she attempts once again to put Chas’s case to him and persuade him that she’s not all bad. But he refuses to listen as her pleas get more passionate, and she ends up pulling him towards her and then suddenly the pair are snogging.

She pushes him away – but is she strong enough to resist?

Also this week: Dan makes up with Chas after hearing about Carl’s blackmail plot.