Soaps preview 4 – 8 Feb

The women in Walford are leaving in droves, Tyrone fights on in ‘Corrie’ and Cain fights everyone in ‘Emmerdale’.

Baby trouble: Kirsty calls in the cops on Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street

Kirsty may not have been much of a policewoman – well, she was not bad as it goes, for a psycho – but she would make a fine PR girl or spin doctor. The way she’s managed her history is masterful – but it’s a bit much for poor Ty, isn’t it? After all he’s been through everyone in Weatherfield thinks he’s a wife-beating maniac. His lawyer even suggests he pleads guilty.

And then when Kirsty cancels his planned visit to Ruby, he cracks and decides that he’s going to snatch the poor tot and run away with Fiz.

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He decides his best chance to winkle the little girl away from her violent mother is when Sophie is baby-sitting – and he’s right, Sophie wouldn’t notice for hours. So he enlists Kev’s help as a distraction and jumps into action.

But though he gets away and heads off into the sunset with the two women he loves most in life, the police are soon on his tail – and so is Kirsty. Will his desperate action lead to jail and losing the chance to watch his daughter grow up?

Also this week: Gail comes to terms with the fact that Lewis has ripped her off. But as Kylie is wracked with guilt realising that her actions may make Gail homeless, will she come clean about how she betrayed her too?

Fatal fountain: Zainab's garden feature goes horribly wrong in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Following on from Tanya’s walking out with her head held as high as Cora’s hair, it looks like another fine matriarch could be on her way out of town. And after all she and Masood have been through it all comes down to a water feature. Zainab is furious when the promised fountain that she’s advertised to the whole square begins to spout pink bubbles - making her look ridiculous.  

After a blazing row with Masood, she returns home where Ayesha drops her bombshell – she has a massive crush on Masood and Zainab should treat him better.

Ayesha admits that nothing has happened between her and Masood but she remarks on how Masood looks at her and deep down Zainab realises that there may be some truth in what Ayesha is saying and that’s when she begins to wonder about her marriage. Well, after she’s kicked out Ayesha that is.

As Masood tries to pacify the situation, pointing out that Ayesha must be missing her mother, Zainab agrees but it is clear that deep down her heart is breaking.  She keeps it all bound up inside her – until the pair have one of those head-to-heads that Enders do so very well, discuss their issues and it becomes more and more obvious that the petty grievances add up to a serious relationship rift.

Is there any way of salvaging what they once had? Do they really love each other? Is Zainab gone for good? We can’t tell you – but things don’t look good.

Also this week: Max is kicked out of his house by his daughters after they catch him in bed with the wrong wife.

Lashing out: Cain fights with just about everyone in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Is there anyone who Cain won’t have a scrap with? No, actually, we know this already. But this week, the scraps he gets into aren’t really his fault. The first problem he has is that repercussions from his tussle with Cameron linger on.

Debbie is furious with him for beating up Cameron while Zak warns Cain he won’t stand by and watch Debbie get hurt – he needs to let things with Cameron go.

In fact, so upset is Zak that he appeals to Moira to help him get through to Cain, finally making the heartbreaking admission to her that it was him who attacked Cain last winter. Moira is shocked and confronts Cain over it – and ends up dumping him!

(Not that things are particularly good for Cameron either. Chas is about to chuck him and he has to give her a ring to make it up to her).

And this is all before Debbie starts messing with drug dealer Pete and Cain has to fight him off too – but this still doesn’t put Debbie off the idea of dealing. Tough times for Cain. Tough times.

Also this week: Molly’s christening turns into a nightmare after a row at the altar.

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