Soaps preview 23 - 27 January - Weddings and misery special!

Coronation Street
It’s Steve and Tracy’s big day. They’re two young people in love – what can possibly go wrong? Well, Becky can. She can go badly wrong. She’s on a mission to cause mayhem, and frankly, other than John Rambo, there’s no one on the planet better suited to the task.

Before the marriage, she gives it one more shot with Steve trying to make him see the truth about Tracy – that Becky didn’t push her down the stairs and make her lose her babies. But he rebuffs her, leaving her angry and sad. She decides to take new man Danny up on his offer to go to Barbados (Seriously, what’s to think about? Barbados is warmer, more scenic and less prone to tram crashes than Weatherfield and no offence to Simon Gregson but Jeremy Sheffield is hot).

Before she goes though, she’s got time to make it to the church on time. In fact, her and Kylie arrive just at the right moment to put a scare into Steve and Tracy but also at the instant the vicar begins his sermon so they can’t do anything about them.

So when the vicar asks if there’s anyone who knows any reason why they shouldn’t wed, the stage is set. Will Becky go through with it? How will Steve react? And will she jet off with Danny after all?

Also this week: Paul puts his poorly wife into care so he can spend more time with Eileen. But his arrival in the pub sets tongues wagging. And Peter and Carla are snapped snogging.

It’s Charity and Jai’s big day. They’re two young people in love – what can possibly go wrong? Well, neither family really approves of the wedding – and at one point Charity looks like she might not make it.

Charity is desperate to go through with her fourth wedding (only one of them to Chris Tate actually went ahead) but Jai’s brother Nikhil still won’t give his blessing to the ceremony, convinced that Charity is no good after the attack on Cain. Fortunately Declan is on hand to smooth over troubled waters.

But there’s more drama to come. As Charity’s heaving herself into her gown, she tells Chas how much she wishes Debbie would attend, even if her daughter hasn’t forgiven her for not helping Cain when he lay bleeding to death on the road.

Then as she’s on the way to the registry office, she hears that Debbie has fallen out with Cameron and instead of heading to the ceremony runs off to comfort her daughter.  This of course leaves Jai wondering where his bride has got to.

Can Charity get back to the ceremony on time? Or will it be a fifth failed ceremony? At least she’s not got Becky about to charge in on her.

Also this week: Debbie’s efforts to make a saviour sibling with Andy pay off as she discovers she’s preggers.

Jane finds it harder and harder to think about quitting Walford for her big move to Wales. First of all her best mate Tanya misunderstands her and thinks she’s staying – and is so happy and relieved that Jane can’t bring herself to tell the cancer sufferer the truth.

And it’s not only friends, it’s family too. She hates the idea of leaving Bobby with Ian and Mandy, as she doesn’t like their idea of parenting. And there’s also Ben to think about. He’s is confused and distraught after shopping Phil to the police for killing his stepmum Stella.  And obviously the rest of the Mitchell clan won’t talk to him.

He tells Jane that she’s the only person who is helping him get through this whole mess.  And when she thinks about leaving him, she’s reduced to tears. And that’s before Tanya discovers the truth about her departure and feels horribly betrayed.

So when it gets to her farewell do, it all gets too much for Jane and she announces she can’t take the job offer and runs off into the night. Has she changed her mind? Or is she just running away?

Also this week: Kat leaves Alfie to go and look after her dad Charlie who has had a stroke.