Soaps preview 21 - 25 May

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Coronation Street
No woman likes to be reminded of her age. And some women don’t like surprises. Unfortunate then that Tyrone should try and combine the two together for the notoriously, erm, touchy Kirsty. Yes, Tyrone’s first big mistake (if you don’t count going out with her) is organising a surprise party for her birthday. The second big mistake is inviting her parents.

At the do, Kirsty’s smile is definitely fixed when her mum and dad Ed and Pat (who weren’t aware she was preggers) hang around making unpleasant remarks about their daughter.  Tyrone attempts to stick up for her but he doesn’t do a great job and they leave Kirsty in no doubt about what they think of her life choices. Some birthday party.

Not surprisingly, Kirsty is extremely upset – and what happens when Kirsty gets upset? Tyrone hurts. When they’re alone together, she lashes out and hurls him against a wall.

When the dust has settled, he’s ashamed at her actions. Kirsty begs for Tyrone's forgiveness and blames her anger on pregnancy hormones. However, he stands firm and refuses to accept her apology.

Later Tyrone finds Kirsty packing. But he then weakens and starts to listen as she spins him a sob story about her unhappy childhood. Is he going to be taken back into her web and enter a vicious cycle? Guess. Go on.

Also this week: Eve publically confronts Nick about his night in the hotel room with Kylie which David overhears and lashes out. Peter and Leanne’s custody battle for Simon heats up.

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He’s never been particularly good under pressure (or out of pressure, come to think of it), so during one of the most stressful weeks of his life, it’s no surprise that Ian is falling apart.

With Ben’s confession ringing in his ears, Ian decides there’s only one thing for it – marry Mandy and get the heck out of Walford.

While Mandy reluctantly agrees, Lucy has made up her mind that this is the worst possible thing he could do (We understand not liking Mandy – but it’s not as if Walford has been good for her, is it?). While Ian scrambles around trying to get a ceremony organised, Lucy trails after him cancelling everything and making his life difficult.

And it already is difficult, being as he’s running out of money and Phil has told him that running away would look dodgy, so he’s to stay put and shut up. Ian tries to carry on, even after Lucy throws Mandy’s wedding ring down the drain and he makes her hand over Cindy’s old one.

But all his efforts look to be in vain when Mandy reveals that she’s in no mood to get married and tries to call the whole thing off because her mum has died (reason for a double celebration, you’d have thought).

But Ian is so desperate she might relent. Mind you, with Phil warning him again and Janine after the money he owes her, can he really make it down the aisle?

Also this week: Sparks fly between Alfie and Roxy as they talk about how lonely they are. But she’s gutted when he doesn’t go on a platonic date with her because he’s gone to see Kat.

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Val always did like an entrance. But even for her, to return from wherever she’s been just as Brenda and Pollard are hosting a meal for Brenda’s family is excellent timing.

Of course, Val has no idea what’s been going on and so helps herself to wine and starts to gossip. She has obviously missed Pollard and Amy and wants to begin where she left off. But soap’s most unlikely sex symbol Eric Pollard tells her that she can’t just waltz back in after emptying his bank account and running away.

Still, it’s only the next day that Val realises that Brenda’s clothes are in her house and when she realises what’s been going on, she hits the roof. She heads straight to The Woolpack and announces to everyone that she is now going out with Pollard again.

Poor Brenda believes her and arrives at the house to take her clothes but moustache bristling Pollard assures her that he has chosen her, not Val.

It’s not long before Val arrives back to discover the locks have been changed – and so has to yell through the letterbox that Pollard hasn’t seen the last of her yet.

Also this week: Ali gets in trouble when she goes to tackle school bully Dylan.