Soaps preview 21 - 25 January

Concern over Faye’s behaviour in ‘Coronation Street’, a kiss of wife in ‘Enders’ and an accidental proposal in the Dales.

Parental woes: Concern for Faye over man she meets online (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
It won’t be long until Faye reaches the full teenage rebellion stage. But seriously, how will anyone know? She’s a right tearaway, that girl. Anna reaches breaking point – for about the 100th time when she starts off acting very strange.

Then Faye feigns illness so she doesn’t have to go to school but Anna catches her trying to sneak out of the house and sends her back to her room to “recuperate”. But being as Faye’s more slippery than a barrel full of ‘Dancing On Ice’ skaters, she soon gives Anna the slip and disappears out.

Her daughter’s gone missing, so she does what any parent who’s watched a Hollywood police drama does – and breaks into her computer to check her e-mails. There she finds an e-mail from a secret man she’s been communicating with on the web.

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Owen and Anna read her the riot act – but that’s not enough to stop her seeing her beloved web friend. And so Owen turns detective and tracks down the mysterious man. Guess what? He’s, like totally, old. Owen proceeds to send him on his way and tell him he’s not welcome in her life. But is Tim really the pervert he seems?

Also this week: The big news is that Kirsty and Tyrone are going to go down the aisle – but will she actually go through with it?  And what is going to happen when the truth comes out? It’s going to be fun. Plus, Lewis sets up Gail by feeding her a line about a new life in Italy. All he needs is £40k. Oh, Gail.

Deadly defiance: Tanya is taken aback by Kirsty's actions in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Unable to deal with the proximity of Kirsty, Tanya decides that there’s only one thing for it -take her on, mano a mano. She visits the B&B and tries to force her out by throwing her belongings into a case as Kirsty declares that Tanya has lost the plot.

Incensed, Tanya pulls out the key she found in Max's pocket and asks how it got there. Not wanting to put Lauren in a difficult situation, Kirsty pretends she genuinely doesn't know making Tanya's blood boils and she starts to throw Kirsty's stuff out of the window. However, from across the Square, Max sees the commotion and rushes over.

As Tanya pushes Kirsty for answers, Kirsty admits that the only illicit contact she’s had with Max was a kiss before Derek’s funeral. Fuelled with paranoia, Tanya shoves the divorce petition in her hands and tells Kirsty to sign it. Shaking, Kirsty snatches the document and starts writing, Tanya is horrified to see Kirsty has scrawled ‘NEVER’ in red lipstick.  We like Kirsty – this is quite a classy move, very 1930s Hollywood.

Tanya storms off and Kirsty throws herself at Max again. He tears himself away and pleads with her to get out of town. Maybe the message has finally started to sink in, as she begins to pack her bags properly – but is it all too late for Tanya?

Also this week: Dot gets her old job back at the laundrette – and she needs it because of some scary letters from the council.

Puzzling proposal: Priya misreads the signs in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

David, you really need to stop trying to please everyone. When Priya is down in the dumps after doing the right thing - giving up a job to Alicia because she needs a break. You could just buy her some flowers, give her a cuddle or listen to her complain.

Instead, you have to go and say “If I could be married to you instead of her, I would be.” What do you think she’s going to hear when you say that? That’s right – a marriage proposal. Before you can say “I think it’ll be a meringue with a long train”, Priya has flung her arms round your neck and said that she’d be delighted to accept and she’s the happiest woman alive.

When David twigs that he’s accidentally proposed his face drops – after all, what is he going to tell Alicia and Jacob now?

Also this week: David isn’t the only one with marriage bother – Jai and Charity are already on the rocks. She can’t work out why he’s being weird (secret love children will do that). And when he goes off on holiday, she tells her Rishi and Nikhil that she might not be there for him when he gets back.