Soaps preview 18 – 22 June

Coronation Street
It’s been lingering in the background for ages. Karl and Sunita’s affair seems to have been stumbling on for months. But now it has to come to a head – thanks to Eva.

Stella’s daughter overhears the pair of them having an argument, with Sunita telling him ‘she’s not going to keep his grubby secrets anymore’. Eva walks in, and sees Karl trying to hide a load of cash. Concerned, she thinks there’s something up and warns Stella.

Stella investigates by searching Karl’s stuff and finds the cash that Sunita has given him. Jumping to the wrong conclusion, she assumes he’s been gambling again and before you know it, she’s got all his stuff in bin bags (This is going to happen again, isn’t it? Maybe she’d be better off with bags for life) and is throwing him out on the street.  Steve attempts to plead Karl’s case but there’s no telling if she’ll listen.

So this gives him a clear run to get together for ever with the newly single Sunita, doesn’t it? Well,  not exactly. Believing she’s fallen foul of thinking the grass is always greener, she’s returned to Dev. And wanting to give their relationship a new start - believe it or not, she proposes to a delighted Dev. Before you know it, they’re back in the pub announcing their engagement. Poor old Karl.

Also this week: Tracy and Beth are terrified when they realise that Steve has put their house up for sale and attempt to make him change his mind.

Bless Janine, who is the very picture of a blooming bride as she prepares for her big day. There are however, (unusually for a soap wedding) a few hitches to get through before she gets hitched. First up, she’s concerned she’ll have no family or friends at the wedding, which would be slightly upsetting. Fortunately she’s saved by the arrival of Ricky, Diane, Tiffany and Morgan.

Meanwhile, students of Michael Moon’s scheming skills will be delighted to see him engaging in more pathetic plotting. With Jean attempting to reveal that he stole all her money, he starts to make her look completely mad - even going so far as setting up a fake funeral for Stacey in her name.  (Was this always his plan? What did he expect to do when Jean realised that he’d taken all her money? He must have known it would happen.)

Of course, like all Michael’s plans it falls apart and ends up with him having to admit the truth to Janine just before they head down the aisle. Using all his manipulation skills he manages to make it sound like it’s her fault for not trusting him and refuses to marry her unless she rips up the pre-nup.

We don’t want to reveal what decision Janine makes – after all he’s just admitted ripping someone off for loads of money, so you know, it would seem obvious but still. Anyway, all this stress can’t be doing their unborn child any good, can it?

Also this week: Derek forces Anthony to go on a date with Alice. And turns up as a chaperone. Nice.

There are many reasons to get married. Love, money, companionship. However Alicia and David decide to tie the knot to ensure that her ex won’t get custody of her son if she goes to prison. Interesting.

Alicia is upset at the start of the week because she’s arguing with Jason about where Jacob should stay. She doesn’t realise that Jacob doesn’t like Talia and wants to stay with them – and is on the verge of giving up before she collapses in David’s arms saying she’d have more chance of keeping Jacob if she was married. David instantly comes up with the idea of proposing and the pair seal the deal (like Homer and Marge Simpson) with an onion ring crisp as a ring.

Instantly Alicia begins to have doubts – she is after all actually in love with David. There’s also the thorny issue of whether to tell Jacob the truth about the sham. She begins to but he’s so excited she can’t go through with it. And then when Pollard hears of the scheme he’s convinced that David has lost his mind and that Alicia is just after half his money.

So when he goes running to Jason with the truth about the wedding it looks like it’s all off – or is it?

Also this week: Moira wants to sell the farm but Adam begs her not to.