Soaps preview 14-18 May

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Coronation Street
Hurrah! It’s only when someone is gone that you realise how much you’ve missed them. Kylie’s back! And causing problems right away! She even ends up in a hotel room with Nick (but it’s not as dodgy as it sounds).

David remains deeply upset over her departure, so Nick takes him on a lads’ night out. But who does Nick see ‘doing a Mandy Salter’ at a lap dancing club? Kylie of course. He sneaks David outside before he notices and then goes back in to work on Kylie.

Nick persuades her to come back to the Street by describing how gutted David has been since she left and finds her a hotel for the night so she can get herself together beforehand.

Nick’s plan works a treat as the next day Kylie is back to the delight of David. So a happy ending? Of course not. While David is in raptures, Eva is a little suspicious. She plays Sherlock Holmes and discovers a hotel receipt in Nick’s possession. She digs a little deeper and finds a text on his phone from Kylie reading “thanks for last night”. She puts two and two together and begins planning her revenge. Uh-oh.

Also this week: Eileen struggles to stay positive when all the gossip in the factory is about Lesley’s death and Tommy does a job for Rick – hiding drugs in a car.

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It was two months ago now that Ben dealt his fatal blow to Heather but the reverberations are still ringing around the Square. In many ways, considering what they did with her when she was alive, Heather is the Tupac Shakur of ‘EastEnders’, worth so much more to the scriptwriters dead than alive. 

With Phil back on the booze in a big way (but sadly not back on crack. We want Phil back on crack!), Ben is concerned that he’s going to have a drunken slip and confess everything to the boys in blue.

He locks him in the flat to try and sober him up but his plan backfires when Phil escapes and finds Ben in the street. Phil proceeds to tell him that with all the trouble he’s caused by killing Heather, he wishes he’d never been born.

Unfortunately after this outburst, they notice Shirley standing there listening in. While Phil goes to try and find out how much she heard, Ben panics.  He’s convinced his dad is going to change his mind and turn him in. He runs to his half-brother Ian and gabbles out the truth about what happened.

A problem shared is a problem halved after all. But how will Ian react to the news that his sibling is a psycho killer?  This is not going to be pretty.

Also this week: Tanya tells Alice all about Derek’s dark past causing a horrified Alice to quit the Square. Meanwhile, Janine tears her wedding dress because she’s pregnant and Michael is delighted when this causes her to call off the big day.

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Emotional and confused after Zak’s time on the moors, the Dingle family receive some shocking news – he’s being sectioned for his own safety.

Lisa and Belle are distraught when they’re told that Zak is being taken to a psychiatric unit for further treatment. Not wanting the village to gossip about her husband, Lisa instructs everyone to say that Zak is simply concussed after an accident.

But Zak is clearly more disturbed and there won’t be any quick fixes. When nurses try to strike up conversations, he acts as if they are not there. This leads to Lisa and Belle not being allowed to see him, because of his unresponsive nature.

Later in the week, with Lisa struggling to keep up the pretence, it’s clear she’s reaching breaking point. Meanwhile, Zak remains the same in the ward – though he does eventually ask to see Lisa.  But how long can she carry on?

The scripts of this storyline have been written in conjunction with Time To Change – a charity aiming to change the stigma surrounding mental illness. For more details visit

Also this week: Gaynor Faye’s son Robbie turns up – but he storms out when she refuses to tell him the name of his dad. And Sean tries to kiss Ruby.