Soaps preview 1 – 5 April

There’s a sad goodbye on ‘Corrie’, a new arrival for ‘Enders’ and Belle’s fallen for a bad boy on ‘Emmerdale’.

Final farewell: Sunita loses her fight for life in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Why, it seems like only yesterday she was betrothed to Keith Duffy. But still, it looks like it might be time to say goodbye to Sunita. Lying at death’s door with only Dev for company, it looks like she’s moaned her last.

One person will be delighted – twisted firestarter Karl has shifted the blame for the blaze onto Sunita. And when he gets out of hospital, he hot foots it straight back to the scene of the crime so he can be there when his ex Stella looks upon the ruins and weeps. Obviously he offers her a shoulder to cry on.  And that shoulder to cry on soon turns to lips to kiss…

While Stella gets blazing hot with Karl, Sunita’s doctors are considering turning off her life support machine. But just as they’re about to pull the plug – it’s a miracle! She begins to regain consciousness.

Obviously Dev’s delighted, which is nice, ‘cause we’re a bit sick of him pulling his sad face. Unfortunately, it’s only a minor respite as when he leaves the room, an inexplicable twist sees her condition take a turn for the worse and suddenly, before you can say “remember when she had a brain tumour?” her life is over.

All that’s left is for Dev to break the news to the twins – and to answer some police questions about her untimely end. Did she commit suicide? Or was there another hand involved?

Also this week: Kirsty is sent to jail. Tyrone goes to visit her. It’s all rather messy. And Gary and Tina get close, which is also messy.

Unwelcome guest: Tanya isn't pleased to see Kirsty in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Kirsty hasn’t wasted any time getting her feet planted in Walford has she? It only seems like she’s been there ten minutes and already she’s trying to get Max to move in with her and win over the kids.

Obviously there’s a big barrier to her – in the form of Tanya, who Max can’t stop making cow eyes at, whenever he runs into her. For example at a buffet that’s held for Dot following the court case which will decide whether she keeps her house or not.  It’s a rare show of community from the Walford Massive and while organising the food, Max and Tanya have a good old bicker – which descends into laughter, just in time for the arrival of Kirsty.

She’s put out and immediately begins trying to annoy Tanya but it is water off a duck’s back and she’s even less happy when Max backs up his ex. When alone, Kirsty tells Max that she is desperate for them to get a place together and Max assures her that they will. But as they all wait for Dot, Sharon sees that Max keeps glancing at Tanya and, unable to keep it to herself, she tells him that Tanya regrets throwing him out when she did, leaving Max reeling.

Still it becomes apparent that Kirsty is determined to fight on for Max’s undivided attention.  Literally, in fact, - as she begins rowing with Max straight away about how Tanya is always there. Max is firm as he tells her that they will always have a special bond as they have kids and she wouldn't know what that feels like. As they argue, Kirsty drops a very convenient bombshell - she's pregnant. Hurrah! A fake pregnancy!

Also this week: Jack’s wedding plans are sent into a bit of a spin when Roxie tells him Ronnie is about to be released.

Dangerous liaison: Belle makes a run for it in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Obviously being a Dingle, Belle is going to be inclined to love a bad boy. Hey, when Zak is the most reliable male role model in your life, things are going to be a little odd. But still, Thomas? Though he might look like an even more clean cut version of Prince William (if you can imagine such a thing) he’s clearly got “trouble” stamped through him like a stick of rock.

Lisa is convinced he’s behind the internet pictures of Belle –and so fearing the police are after him,  he does the natural thing – steals Dan’s camper van and prepares to go on the run -  hope he turns off Foursquare first.

Despite being under house arrest, Belle can’t resist Thomas. And as soon as she gets the chance, she slips away and gets on board the camper van as it sets off to Romanceville.
As they depart Paddy spies them and soon the Dingles give chase. Oh, Belle, you’re going to be more grounded than a plane during an Icelandic volcanic eruption. 

Also this week: Gennie becomes convinced that Brenda is on the verge of death.

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