Soaps preview: Mon 24 – Fri 28 June

Kids, eh? Fighting intensifies over the baby on ‘Corrie’, Max and Tanya go wild with worry on ‘Enders’ and Belle boozes it up on ‘Emmerdale’.

Coronation Street
It’s Tommy we really feel sorry for. Now that Tina has become needlessly unpleasant about keeping baby Jake/Joe (delete where applicable), he is really on a hiding to nothing. He’s got to stand by her – but the baby isn’t his. And he can also see that Gary and Izzy have a point.

Anyway, he sensibly decides to try out acting as a mediator between two of the Street’s most hard-headed women.  As the first court date looms, he tells Tina that she’s robbing the baby of his chance to grow up with his biological parents.

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Tina’s in turmoil over Tommy’s words but just then Izzy arrives at the hospital with big news - she won’t fight her anymore. Tina’s completely thrown. As Izzy says a heart-breaking goodbye to her son, a distraught Gary is forced to accept her decision.

Suddenly Tina sees what they’ve gone through and at that point something changes and the trio decide that they have to reach an agreement. Tina and Izzy are both at breaking point – can they face up to reality? One of them has to say goodbye to the baby for ever. Which one will it be?

Also this week: David starts scheming to split up Nick and Leanne by setting her up to meet Peter and planting his lighter in their house. Hurrah! Bad David is back.

Over the limit: There's concern for Lauren in EastEnders

Lauren eventually returns home from her latest booze binge – what a relief for Max and Tanya, eh? Well, it is but don’t forget this is Walford, where happiness is only allowed in short measure. So as soon as she’s back, she collapses clutching her stomach in agony and has to be rushed to hospital.

The petrified parents call a truce and head to look after her. The doctors give it to them straight – she’s got hepatitis, her liver is damaged and one more drink could kill her. Still, as soon as she’s out, she’s straight down to the Vic, trying to buy voddy.

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With her mum and dad fighting again, she tells them that she can’t stand them being at each other’s throats and Tanya decides that she’s not helping matters and for her daughter’s sake she’s going to leave the Square.

As soon as she’s packed her bags, Max tells her he loves her (make your mind up Max, for heaven’s sake). But it’s too late for Tanya. She’s going to make a fresh start. Meanwhile Max has to deal with a big revelation from the supposedly preggers Kirsty. Wonder what that could be?

So will Tanya be leaving for good? Will Lauren go with her? What’s Max going to do without her?

Also this week: After Roxie makes a dig about their diet, Alfie and AJ embark on a healthy-eating regime. Sounds like fun.

Race against time: Belle is rushed to hospital in Emmerdale

Talking of teens getting boozed up on vodka, Belle Dingle is delighted to find one of Debbie’s dodgy vodka boxes and decides to help herself. Later, Debbie finds her drunk and resovles to help her.

Unfortunately, she leaves her to sober up and when she comes back, Belle is unconscious in a pool of her own vomit. Debbie calls the ambulance and it doesn't look good.

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At first Lisa and Zak are full of praise for her quick actions as they wait together hoping Belle will wake up - but then the doctor tells them that they could be looking at brain damage because the vodka was contaminated. That's when Debbie breaks and makes her confession. It's all her fault.

If the family didn't turn on her enough, Robbie is on hand to stick the knife in further. He takes delight in letting Zak, Cain and Diane know it was Debbie who mixed the lethal blend of vodka herself.

Explaining she had told him, double the amount - double the money. There's a nice loaded line where he tells the two fathers how proud they must be. One of them has a daughter who hates the world so much she sells poison and the other hates herself so much, she drinks it.

With her family disowning her and Andy not letting her see the kids, Debbie hits the bottle. And though Chas and even Cameron try to stop her, she's set on a path to self destruction. Can anyone save her?

Also this week: Brenda decides to take radical action.

Brendan’s Magical Mystery Tour (Mon-Fri, 5pm, C4)
‘Coach Trip’, hosted by the irrepressible Brendan Sheerin, was one of the most unlikely TV hits of recent years, taking the unpromising raw material of... more 
Brendan’s Magical Mystery Tour (Mon-Fri, 5pm, C4)
‘Coach Trip’, hosted by the irrepressible Brendan Sheerin, was one of the most unlikely TV hits of recent years, taking the unpromising raw material of “a bunch of strangers go somewhere boring on a bus” and making it into reality TV gold. Don’t really know why, but it just worked. Now he’s back with a new daytime offering that sees eight randoms take a five-day trip – in this first instance, to Barcelona – shown over each weekday for a week. The twist this time is that they are given a series of challenges by which they can “win” fancy accommodation and meals in the lap of luxury, with the losers having to perform forfeits like gutting fish and then stay in a dump by the airport. Tasks this week include paella cooking and acting in one of Spain’s cheese-tastic telenovelas, and it’s all a bit of a hoot. less 
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