Soaps preview: Mon 22 – Fri 26 July

Gloom on 'Corrie', doom on 'Emmerdale' but don't worry it's a week of laughter and happiness on 'Enders' (this is not true).

Coronation Street
It seems almost like kicking a puppy when something bad happens to Hayley, doesn’t it? So we hate to tell you that her test results are not good.

As she can’t let on to Roy how worried she is – he’s already more jumpy than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs – she ends up turning to an unusual source for support.

When she makes a mistake at work then has to ask Carla for time off she’s forced to admit it’s for a CT scan. Seeing that beneath her brave veneer Hayley’s terrified, Carla offers to drive her to the hospital. So it’s Carla who has to pick up the pieces and hear the news with her – she’s got pancreatic cancer and will need surgery to unblock the bile duct and then also chemotherapy.

Hayley puts on her brave face – though she doesn’t really have any other – and finally admits to Roy that there are real problems. But when he spends hours checking up on her condition on the internet, they both get more and more wound up. 

And when the day of the operation comes he’s there for her. But the pair aren’t getting on well, she carries on trying to live life as usual, while he fusses around her like a mother hen. The final straw is when she wants to go to Audrey’s drinks and not tell anyone – he cracks and the pair have a huge row. Surely they can’t fall apart at this crucial time?

Also this week: Rob and Tracy turn the screw on Carla and Peter – asking for the bookies for six months rent free or they’ll sue Peter.

Whitney gets a disturbing note in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Poor Whitney’s set on edge when a creepy stranger (with enormous ears) arrives in The Square and delivers her a letter from Tony King, her former abuser.

She refuses to take it – but he won’t take no for an answer and hangs around until she takes the envelope off him. Tyler witnesses the encounter and asks Whitney what’s going on but she explodes with anger leaving him worried and confused.

Later, Whitney meets Tyler to apologise and shows him the letter from Tony which reads “Dearest Whit, I always loved you, T x.” Tyler tells Whitney not to worry as he’s not coming out of prison anytime soon but when she gets home Whitney decides to call the prison to apply for a prison visiting order.

“But why?” is the question that you and Bianca ask. The reason is that Whitney wants to meet him face to face for some closure – but what she uncovers shocks the whole family to the core.

Also this week: Carl flirts his way back in with Kirsty and she agrees to visit his mum with him. And after a day together he makes her jealous by flirting with Kat.

Cameron reaches out to a trapped Gennie in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Gennie catches Cameron and Debbie having a furtive chat and decides that they’re back together again. But instead of keeping it to herself or doing what any normal person would do – gossip – she decides to play Nancy Drew and get the evidence to prove it.

And so she ends up sneaking into Debbie’s house with a dictaphone and recording the pair talking – but she gets more than even she was bargaining for as she hears Cameron making a terrible confession.

She then makes her second mistake - she bolts out of the house and takes to the road in her car as a startled Cam and Debbie give chase. But a high speed chase on country roads is dangerous at the best of times and Gennie is a novice driver. So somewhat inevitably, her car careers off the road.

Cam goes to investigate while Debbie calls for help. But will it come in time? Be warned. There is some blood in this episode. And heavy breathing.

Also this week: Dan and Kerry have a row at a charity bash.