Soaps preview: Mon 2 - Fri 6 September

Hayley’s in hospital in ‘Corrie’, Cameron’s out for revenge on ‘Emmerdale’ and is it the Ender an ‘Enders’ favourite in Walford?

Coronation Street
It’s almost too much to bear. It’s so sad, that I almost gave it a miss and picked Karl bullying Jason – but really we’re going to have to face up to it – Hayley is ill.

As her third wedding anniversary approaches, she and Roy try their hardest to enjoy themselves but their celebrations are more tragic than Schmeichel’s death as Hayley’s operation is looming in the background.

And when they arrive at the hospital the surgeons are quick to remind them that the operation might not be a success. If it goes well she’ll be taken back to the high dependency unit to recover and if it doesn’t she’ll be on the ward (not great doctoring, but a good dramatic device).

And so it is that she wakes up on the ward. Roy is beside himself when he hears the news – she has six to twelve months to live.  It’s just too heartbreaking for words.

Also this week: Karl is a big bully to Jason after Jason taunts him about Stella having cold feet. He grabs him in an arm lock and admits torching his van. Not that clever, Karl, because it sets Jason wondering about what other fires he could have started…

Phil is rushed to hospital following a car accident in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

He’s survived crack addiction, shootings and a heart attack. But is a car crash with Carl finally going to put an end to Phil Mitchell? And is it all down to those pesky kids? What could be Phil’s final act kicks off because he is desperate for cash following Shirley’s blackmail and the fact one of the teenagers has run off with his ten grand.

Carl offers him a dodgy deal to make fast cash – and he accepts, despite the fact that Max and Jay try to warn him off. Carl picks him up and they head off for a meeting. But on the way, Carl,  driving faster than Joey and Lauren on seeing a shop window, asks Phil to look at some docs in the glove compartment. As he leans over to help him, the car veers into a truck (Let’s hope Nick isn’t watching 'Enders' on telly in Weatherfield hospital). Phil is catapulted through the window while the more prepared Carl is left slumped over the steering wheel.

The paramedics arrive and whisk Phil away, while Carl tells the police that he doesn’t understand what could have happened to his brakes. That’s right – this is a cunning, cunning plan. Not only does he get rid of his gangster competition in the shape of Phil, he’s also going to try and get rid of his love competitor Max.

He’s already set Max up by jibing at Lauren’s drinking until Max loses his cool and threatens him in public. Then the police are notified that a witness has seen him tampering with Carl’s car and storm into the pub to arrest him on suspicion of causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life. With Phil fighting for his life in hospital and Max on his way to Walford clink, it looks like Carl’s double whammy has really paid off. See Michael Moon? That’s what you call a plot. 

Also this week: Roxy comes clean to Alfie about Ronnie being released. She is then forced to choose between her sister and her man.

Cameron stitches up Adam in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)


The best bad guys in Soapland are adaptable. Earlier, we saw how Carl turned a crisis into an opportunity to take out his two major rivals. Now, for Cameron being freaked out about being blackmailed ends up turning into the opportunity to frame someone else.

First he obliquely accuses Adam of the blackmail and when Adam responds by calling him not right in the head, he decides to wind him up constantly. He meddles and plants a seed  which sees Adam punching Declan in front of the police.

Seeing that Adam has begun to be painted as a violent nutter, Cameron tightens the screw and plants some evidence in Sparrow Wood. Adam is arrested for Alex’s murder and the case looks so good that even his own mum Moira begins to doubt him.

It’s not long before Cain causes a distraction so he can run away from the police. Good work, Cameron. Now there’s only the actual blackmailer to deal with. Surely that can’t be a problem, can it?

Also this week: Rhona refuses rehab and decides that it will be a good idea to go cold turkey at home.