Soaps preview: Mon 18 – Fri 22 February

This week, Kat fight on ‘Enders’, Kylie Krazy on ‘Corrie’ and Charity plays it fast and loose on ‘Emmerdale’.

Baby drama: Kylie is rushed to hospital in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Speaking of inevitable explosions, Kylie’s mental state has been a ticking time bomb ever since she accidentally got pregnant by Nick (Yes, it could be David’s but we all know it isn’t, don’t we?). To be honest, it’s a surprise she’s not gone a bit crazy and leathered someone or started throwing chips at a headmaster at the very least by now.

Her crisis comes when Gail discovers it was her who sold out her bank details to Lewis. To stop her calling the police, Kylie has to tell her the full story about Nick and Lewis’s blackmail. Then, expecting her secret to come out, Kylie reacts by hitting the Rovers – and downing wine like she a Carla-in-training. And it’s not long before she’s clambering on the table to make an announcement.

Of course, an elementary Soapland equation follows:  booze plus platform heels plus table equals trip to hospital. Kylie’s drunken antics have ruptured her spleen. It’s touch-and-go for the baby as David waits by her bedside. And then, when Gail arrives will she spill the truth anyway, breaking David’s heart twice into the bargain?

Also this week: Gloria arrives back from the Algarve with a sugar daddy in tow – but he might be after a much younger model…

Fight night: Roxy pushes Kat too far in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

It’s been on the cards for some time. After being cast out of The Vic and forced to watch while Alfie got together with Roxie, while she cleaned the floor like a common Cinderella, Kat was bound to have some issues with her blonde usurper. Though really, she’s not got a leg to stand on. She should have stopped messing Alfie around years ago. And seriously, Derek? Come on.

Anyway, Kat starts the week in a good mood, as Alfie is being all nice and soft around her. And when he arranges a meeting – she starts to wonder if she’s in with a chance of winning him back. But her hopes are crushed when she realises that he’s only after one thing – a divorce.
And she’s even more gutted when after the meeting she realises that she’s the last person in Walford to know that Alfie wanted to make their split official. So she does what she does best – yells at him and storms out.

Later, Kat goes to collect Tommy from The Vic but Alfie tells her that he hasn't been too well and thinks he should stay in bed, Kat protests that she knows what is best for her son. Jean agrees and when Roxy gets involved it is too much and her temper gets the better of her.

The pair are soon at each other’s throats and Kat screeches that Roxy is loving stepping into her shoes while Roxy throws back Kat's affair which sees Kat loses her temper and slap her. Roxy flies at her and the two women have to be separated by Michael and Alfie. (Boo hiss! We want to see who would win).

Alfie tells Kat to get out of the pub and Michael takes her home. A devastated Kat talks to Michael and when he is kind to her she leans in to kiss him and it is not long before he responds.

Also this week: Tanya is back in town – but Kirsty seems to have got her feet under the table.

Affairs of the heart: Charity and Declan share a kiss in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Jai may have made a run for France to clear his head because of his secret child. But he’s made a bit of a mistake if he thinks that Charity is going to sit quietly at home waiting for him to return.

She wastes no time going after Declan – initially to help Debbie win a lucrative contract – but soon she’s asking him to the pub to discuss it and sparks are flying. As they get down to the nitty gritty of the contract, she decides to follow him back to Home Farm to get down to a different sort of nitty gritty.

They begin in classic fashion by throwing insults at each other but as every fan of Cain and Moira  knows – there’s a thin line between fighting and passion. Soon the insults turn to snogging and the pair are going at it, as if they’re not both married.

Still, if they’ve forgotten their partners, Declan is about to get a bit of a wake-up call, when Katie arrives home mid-snog…

Also this week: Belle is causing problems for Zak and Lisa.

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