Soaps preview: Mon 15 – Fri 19 July

Proposals all over the place - one on 'Emmerdale' and one on 'EastEnders', while Hayley comes a Cropper on 'Corrie'.

Coronation Street
Hayley only really went for a check up so she'd have leverage to make Roy go for one so she's more than a little surprised when her doctor calls her back with extra news.

Obviously being Hayley she tells Roy that everything is fine. But while he runs around with aromatherapy candles and extra cushions, she's hiding the fact that something is wrong. And when she goes back to the doctor, the medic tells her she has spotted a problem with her liver and wants to run some more tests.

And while Roy is reassured, Sylvia confronts Hayley and asks her why she’s been so jumpy of late. Hayley admits she’s being sent for further tests and she’s worried. With a concerned Sylvia covering for her, Hayley sets off for her ultrasound scan.

After the scan, the sonographer’s evasive and tells Hayley her doctor will be in touch. Calling at the medical centre Hayley finds out she has a blockage in her bile duct. As she demands the doctor tell her what that could mean, will Hayley’s worst fears be realised?

Also this week: Rob makes a massive bet on a horse at the bookies knowing that he'll push Peter to the limits if he wins. The men eyeball each other and Carla demands to know what is going on - but can she save Peter's skin?

Surprise proposal: Alife pops the question in EastEndes (Credit: BBC)

It's officially over for what was once Walford's golden couple - Roxy is busy arranging the charity speed dating night when she notices Alfie and Kat's decree nisi. She's in a great mood and getting on like a house on fire with Alfie but she is left unsettled when he fails to tell her about it.

And things don't get better when Alfie helps Kat out, checking out Ollie - a potential partner for Jean who Kat is worried about.

After Alfie reassures Kat, he plucks up the courage to ask her if she has received her decree nisi. She tells him she has and it is obvious that they're both are crushed by it.  Bless their little hearts.

They spend the day together with Tommy and Kat lays it on the line: She wants them to be a family again. Alfie says he wants to move on - but can't make it sound like he means it. Kat leaves him with a final thought: he will never love Roxy the way he loves her.

But move on, he does. When Roxy organises a surprise candlelit dinner for him - Alfie comes clean about the decree nisi. Roxy is understanding and tells Alfie they don’t have to rush anything.  He responds by rushing straight into a proposal which she delightedly accepts. But is it the right move?

Also this week: Ian cons his daughter into signing the business back over to him.

Hillside ceremony: Bob and Brenda tie the knot in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Ah, romance. Bob and Brenda have both definitely got the bug. He’s trying to find the right moment to propose and she’s planning a surprise wedding.

Obviously though, there are going to be mishaps. She’s not going to make it easy for him to propose because she’s so busy trying to organise their wedding. She turns down a dinner date – which he’s lined up a brass band for.

When she says no, he takes desperate measures and practically kidnaps her to take her for a picnic (where the band will show up).  Happily she gets round to saying yes. But little does Bob know that she’s got an even bigger surprise up her sleeve.

She flies him to the glampsite in a helicopter, removes her wig and gets down on one knee to him. They then tie the knot. There’s not a dry eye in the house, is there?

Also this week: Gennie spies Debbie and Cameron having a moment together.