Soaps preview: Mon 12 – Fri 16 November

Maria and Marcus's big secret is out on ‘Corrie’, Syed and Christian may be out of Walford on ‘Enders’ and Cain gets hold of Cameron on ‘Emmerdale’.

Soap Round Up - 12 November 2012Look ahead to the soaps on TV this week including Coronation Street, Neighbours, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

Coronation Street
Normally in soapland, it takes a while for affairs or matters of the heart to sneak out. Look at Peter and Carla’s various shenanigans or Kat’s interminable love romps. So when Maria and Marcus began snogging behind everyone’s back they must have thought they’d have a few weeks’ grace before it all came out.

So to clear the way, Maria kicks Jason out of her flat (he must be sick of moving) and Marcus explains to Sean that there’s no chance they can get back together even though Aiden has left.

But then Kirk innocently lets Sean into Maria’s flat when he’s looking for Marcus and he catches them snogging. Their secret is out! So soon. Why, over on ‘Enders’ Kat would have had only one mysterious text in all that time.

Sean runs off to the pub and finds Jason drowning his sorrows. Maria and Marcus (now referred to as Marcia?) rush over and assume he’s already done his worst and shopped them for their snogging.

But they’ve made a big mistake, he’s kept quiet… and by defending themselves they’ve revealed their big secret. And that’s when the explosion happens. Before you know it, a fight has broken out and Jason is slamming Marcus’s head off the bar. Before dragging him into the street.

Also this week: Rob whisks Michelle off to Sheffield for a business meeting in retaliation after Steve messes with the business. Eva and Steve head up there to catch them in the act – but are in for a bit of a shock.

Syed throws out Christian in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

It’s been shorter than a Kim Kardashian nuptials but it looks like the end is nigh for Christian and Syed’s marriage.

Amira puts pressure on Syed because she’s moving away and it results in him giving her sole custody of Yasmin without even consulting Christian. Taking the news well, Christian reacts by buying a one-way ticket to New York. And Syed reacts equally well to this bombshell by throwing Christian’s belongings out in the streets in black plastic bin liners (don’t people manage to clear out belongings incredibly quickly in soapland?)

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Anyway, when the most recent convert to their relationship, Zainab, realises they’re at each other’s throats she does the only thing that she can – she locks them in the Arghee Bhagee until they sort out their differences. 

Can they get back together? Can they sort out their differences? Look at it this way:  All good things must come to an end. And bad things too – one day Derek Branning will leave the Square.

Also this week: Max riles Derek by taking him to meet an old flame – who then exposes Derek as a liar. In revenge Derek refuses to lend him any money unless he throws Joey out.

Cain knocks out Cameron in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Wasn’t Cameron about to run off to Jersey a couple of weeks ago – and that was before he killed someone? So why is he now hanging around in a village where everyone is united in their hatred of him, including the most dangerous man in Yorkshire – Cain Dingle?  If he’s waiting for Chas to come out of jail, couldn’t he, well, wait elsewhere?

Anyway, the dangerous nature of his stubbornness becomes apparent this week, after Debbie goes to visit Chas in jail and learns some home truths. She discovers that Cameron did indeed prefer her aunt to her and was about to run off with her.

She returns and falls to bits in front of Cain. Holding his sobbing daughter in his arms makes him more determined to seek revenge.

So despite the fact he’s promised Debbie he won’t hurt him, when he sees Cameron standing outside the garage (Why stand there Cameron? Why?) he takes the opportunity to knock him out and drag him into the garage. He might not hurt him, but he can certainly scare him – can’t he?

Also this week: Kerry’s booted out by Pollard after some frankly embarrassing cougar antics.