Soaps preview: Mon 1 - Fri 5 July

Bad David begins to wreak havoc on ‘Corrie’, scheme queen Janine’s messing with Michael on ‘Enders’ and the worst marriage in ‘Emmerdale’ comes to an end.

Coronation Street
Was it only last week that we heralded the return of Bad David? Well, his plans to split up Leanne and Nick gain momentum to such an extent, it feels like he’s never been away.

First of all, when Leanne doesn’t get a birthday present from Nick, a big bunch of flowers arrives from a “secret admirer”.

Leanne’s touched but Nick’s adamant he didn’t send them, so who did? As David jokes that Leanne has a mystery admirer, Nick’s uncomfortable. Having found Peter’s lighter in the flat and a birthday card, his imagination starts running riot – and it leads to a stand up row in the street with Peter.

While David watches on, twirling the moustache that he would have if this was a Victorian melodrama, he gets a good idea. And while you’re not supposed to mess with another man’s automobile, the next day Peter wakes up to find his car vandalised.

Peter instantly blames Nick. Indignant Nick denies it but with all the evidence stacked against him after their row, will Leanne believe him? As Gail frets over Nick all David’s pent up fury is suddenly directed at Gail as he blames her for his unhappy childhood. He lashes out, stunning Kylie and Gail.

When he encourages Leanne to set up a student night, what else has he got up his sleeve? Can he actually split them up?

Also this week: The truth about what Faye has been through comes out – and Owen is after blood.

Dangerous game: Michael plots to stitch Janine up in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

If we like Bad David, we love bitchy Janine. So it’s fabulous to see her receiving a manicure in a posh hotel while Michael sweats over her whereabouts in Walford.

However it’s not long before Michael manages to get hold of her through Billy (who’s been fired, good old Janine) and hits her weak spot – reminding her that  Scarlett will feel exactly how Janine did every time her dad Frank left her.

[Soap star SHAVES ENTIRE BODY for cancer storyline - SEE PIC]

Michael calls Janine’s bluff and asks her when she’s coming back to Walford. Then there’s the crucial moment - Michael tells Janine she should come back for him and Janine is completely wrong footed. Of course they then have another row and threaten each other some more.

But later, Billy manages to record Michael saying that he wants Janine back. Janine is so pleased to hear it that she gives Billy his job back. Little does she know that Michael knew all along that she was going to hear the news.

He then goes to her and the sparks fly as he “admits” he’s glad she’s back ‘cause his life is dull without her. She’s plainly enjoying being wanted – but he returns to Kat and tells her his plan. She’s stunned and anxious. But what has he got up his sleeve?

Also this week: Jean, Shirley and Bianca accidentally burn the restaurant down. As you do.

Sweet revenge: Declan attacks Adam in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Declan is on the warpath when he hears about Katie and Adam. Really, what did he expect? Anyway, he gets on his high horse (metaphorically) and tells Megan that he’s going to make them suffer BIG TIME. But when he confronts Adam all that happens is a minor scuffle.

Meanwhile, Katie is unrepentant of her actions at first. But then, she asks after him through Megan and decides to meet him. She tells him that the only way they can move forward is if he comes clean to the police about the body.

He tells her he’s made the call – and Katie is persuaded that she’s won when a police car turns up at the farmhouse.  But he’s more cunning than she thinks – and – without giving too much away, you shouldn’t play a player.

All of which ends up with Declan able to open his glampsite. At the opening party he flirts with two glam girls to make Katie jealous. But he takes it a step further and takes them home with him.

There the glamping girls are impressed by Declan’s obvious wealth. Just as he is about to take them upstairs Katie arrives and gives him a piece of her mind, flinging her wedding ring at him. Even though it seemed to be what he wanted, instead of going upstairs for a romp, it’s clear that Declan is not happy.

Also this week: Debbie ends up snogging Cam. Woah!