Soaps preview (23 – 27 April)

Coronation Street
We knew salon wars would never end well. It was obvious from the start – but we didn’t realise it could lead to death…

But after yet another run in with David and Kylie, Audrey clutches at her chest feeling pains, then hits the floor. She’s had a heart attack!

Distraught David changes his tune and drops the idea of trying to rob the salon off her (well, I reckon that’s what he’s doing, anyway. If the law reckons different, the law is an ass). He charges down to her bedside and apologises for his behaviour.  He begs for forgiveness – but a though Audrey is weak physically, she’s still got some spirit and refuses to let him off the hook.

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Never being one to face up to his own responsibilities, David returns home to take out his anger on his partner in crime, Kylie.  An argument breaks out and as they often do with Kylie, things soon elevate. It’s not long before he’s calling her a gold digger and blaming Audrey’s heart attack entirely on her.

She doesn’t take this lying down of course and in a fury packs her bag and sets off, taking Max with her.  She tells David she’s leaving him for good. Is this the end of a nearly beautiful marriage?

Also this week: After they go on a date and he ends up staying over, Sally confides in Carla that she’s fallen back in love with Kevin. But there’s one big problem - she can never get over the problem of baby Jack. And she certainly doesn’t want to be a mother to him.

Aw bless. Since Pat died Bianca’s life really hasn’t been going to plan. She’s kicked Ricky out, her kids are going crazy and she’s run up enough debts to make the whole Greece thing look like a storm in an ouzo cup.

This week things don’t get any better – Janine is threatening to evict her because she won’t pay her rent, and that’s before she notices that the ceiling will need repairing because Morgan and Tiffany had tried to run her a relaxing bath.

Then, desperate for cash, she pesters a stressed Ian for an advance on her wages so often, he fires her. And then she falls out with Carol over the arrival of a debt collector. All this leads to one of those terrific special episodes that ’EastEnder’s does so well, particularly when it’s focussed on one of their best characters as it is on this occasion.
Patsy Palmer is brill during the episode, which sees her pounce when she sees a market trader’s money belt. She picks it up and runs off – but only into the arms of the market inspector Mr Lister (What is it with Walford’s bit part characters and comedy names? First DS Crisp, now Mr Lister, who must have a sister…).

She’s broken her parole and the police are going to come calling. So what’s next for the flame-haired wonder, how can she escape?

Also this week: Derek feels estranged from his family so decides to get in touch with his long lost son. Believable and likely.

Can you scrape up any sympathy for Ashley after he’s been bullying his own father? No, us neither. But there’s a moment this week when you can almost feel a twinge of something.

Laurel has been desperately trying to keep his violence towards Sandy a secret, mainly for Sandy’s sake – as he’s desperate to keep the family together. But in the end she breaks and tells Diane.

When Ashley realises other people know of his abuse, he enters The Woolpack and very publically confesses his sins.

And not just his sins – he also reveals that Laurel had a dalliance with Marlon. He says he hurt Sandy because he was trying to make life perfect for Laurel.

He thinks that this may help them move on – but he’s badly wrong. Laurel can’t ever forgive him for his abuse of Sandy. And when the police come to take him away, she’s certainly not standing by him wanting to help.

Also this week: Cameron snogs Chas and tries to make it up to Debbie by taking her out for a romantic meal.