Soaps preview (20-24 Feb)

Coronation Street
Being a mum can be tough. Poor Katy knows that more than anyone at the moment. On the verge of breakdown because of the constant pressure, she runs out on poor Joseph, leaving the poor tot crying alone again.

This time, however, she’s caught by Faye, and desperately tries to cover, asking her to look after Joseph.

Faye takes over, quite content and even manages to quiet Joseph down. She puts some toast under the grill and nips out to get some milk but the door slams behind her. Smoke begins to billow from the room. She’s set the house on fire – with a baby inside.

Fortunately, Owen is back just in time and breaks  the door down, saving the day. But that’s not the end of the drama. Far from it. When Katy arrives back and sees the grim faces, she knows she’s in for a bad time.

Owen can’t control his temper (surprise, surprise) and gives her an earful about how she and Chesney are too young to look after a baby. Stung and wounded, Katy simply runs away. Chesney is left holding the baby and fending off Owen’s anger, completely unprepared with how to proceed.

Soon everyone’s confusion and anger turns to concern as they realise Katy really has gone AWOL. Will she come back? Come on Katy, don’t let them grind you down.

Also this week:  Tommy is rejected by Tina once again and goes on the pull. Unfortunately, he pulls a bit of a bunny boiler, which doesn’t help when Tina decides to give him a chance after all…

As we’ve said before, there’s one person on the square you don’t want to mess with – Derek Branning.

By the looks of him, Derek used to be a Boxer (the dog, not a pugilist). Anyway, having messed with his brother Jack, who does Roxy decide to mess with? That’s right, Derek.

Derek is already out for her blood following the way she stitched Jack up in court. But Jack protects her, and when he finds out Derek has sent some blokes out to put the frighteners on her, he’s furious. 

In a bizarre twist Derek apologises, and says to Jack that he’s got an estranged daughter and he knows just how he feels. But Derek hasn’t got an estranged daughter at all. Clearly he just wants to be loved.

Anyway, he backs off – until that is, Roxy messes with him further by nicking a load of his dodgy booze. The straw in her dodgy vodka and tonic is the one that breaks the camel’s (no, not dodgy ciggies too) back.

Derek asks a mate to teach her a lesson in no uncertain terms. Mind you, at the same time, Jack is being told by Max that Derek lied about his daughter. What lies ahead for the Branning brothers?

Also this week: Dot discovers some of Rose’s love letters and works out that she’s pen pals with a convicted killer. But then writes to him asking him to repent and gives away Rose’s real name and address. Silly Dot.

The fact that he has a sister seems to have slipped Declan’s mind. It’s certainly a surprise to Katie, who is furious and who wouldn’t be if Gaynor Faye arrived unannounced and started ordering you around?

Gaynor’s character is in fact called Megan and she’s Declan’s half sister.

And it’s not only Katie who’s upset. Gaynor Faye also upsets Nicola and Charity as they were hoping to win the job of festival manager. Until Declan offers it to his previously-unheard-of-but-now-much-loved sister.

She, however, refuses to take it right away and demands time to think about it. And that’s not the only problem the festival faces. Andy is refusing to let Declan make a temporary track over his land and Declan can’t get permission for it to go ahead without it. Things aren’t improved when Declan goes over there to ask once more before John’s funeral has even taken place.

Gaynor Faye looks like she might be able to smooth the troubled waters, when she explains to Andy how much money he could make, but he still holds firm. Declan is getting nothing from his family.

Also this week: Zak is not feeling himself. And then shocks everyone by disappearing for a night, but then showing up at home with no memory of where he has been.