Soaps preview (11-15 June)

We've all been there Simon (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
A Barlow smashed off his face? What’s so unusual about that? Well, unfortunately the Barlow in question is Simon. He’s happened across a bottle of wine that Carla has stashed in a cupboard and glugged it back quicker than Peter could get Norris in a headlock.

Poor Simon ends up in hospital and Peter is desperately upset. Even though he initially blames Carla, after a sad scene where Simon tells him he drank because he doesn’t like himself and he’s watched Peter drink and feel better, he soon realises that there’s only one person to blame – himself.

So where does Peter head once Simon makes a good recovery and is back at the flat? To the pub. But it’s not for a knees-up, it’s to talk to Leanne. He explains that he wants her to come back to the flat to see Simon and she agrees.

When they get to the flat Simon runs to her and Peter makes a big decision. It’s time to do what is best for Simon. So, he puts the custody case to one side and takes the chance to ask his son who he wants to live with – Leanne or him. Will Simon break his father’s heart by choosing Leanne?

Also this week: Desperate Dev begs Sunita to give him another chance saying he’ll change or they can move away and go wherever she wants. And Maria admits that she has got strong feelings for Marcus.

D'awww. It'll all end in tears (Credit: BBC)

Some soap couples are just meant to be together for ever. Dennis and Rita, Susan and Karl and Kat and Alfie. We’re now starting to think that Max and Tanya should join them.

After a week of tension, things reach a head after Tanya ends up yelling at the car lot suppliers meaning that the car lot is empty of cars. Max’s anger spills over and they begin a heroic row, which soon turns from cars to their respective infidelities. And from a passionate row, they move onto passionate love-making as they end up at it for the first time in months.

With romance (and motor oil) in the air, Tanya decides that she hasn’t just missed Max’s intimate touch, she’s missed their whole relationship. She stuns Max by asking him to remarry her. He’s not as delighted as she was hoping but puts her off, telling her that the time isn’t right for the perfect proposal. What – you mean it gets more romantic than after a bunk up at the car lot?

There’s clearly something in the air for the Brannings as when Abi gets the chance of a scholarship trip to Costa Rica, she realises how much she is going to miss Jay. After declaring her undying to him, he drops to one knee and proposes. Will she accept and how will Max react when he hears?

Also this week:  The police arrive to question a horrified Kat and Jean after Michael catches them rifling through the Butchers accounts. It gets worse for Kat when she discovers that Eddie is broke and Alfie has been lying about where he got the money from to cover the debt.

Ashley (John Middleton) is recognised in a soup kitchen (Credit: ITV)

Homeless Ashley wakes up stiff on the church floor. Almost caught by Edna, he makes a quick exit. He runs into Laurel outside Mulberry Cottage and offers to pick up the kids from school but is put in his place when she tells him she has it all arranged. He doesn’t notice that she’s hiding the gap on her finger where her wedding ring should be.

When she leaves he uses the opportunity to break into the cottage and root through the drawers to pick up some valuables.  It’s while going through a drawer that he is gutted to see the ring placed in there.

He pockets his most valuable items but is interrupted by Ruby. She asks him what he thinks he’s up to and he snaps and runs away .

He heads to a pawnbroker and exchanges his goods for cash. But instead of getting a room for the night or something to eat, he hands over the money to Laurel in a pathetic attempt to win her back. But what will she think when she finds out where he got it from?

Also this week: Cameron panics when he reckons Cain has found out about his affair with Chas.