Soaps preview - Mon 22 – Fri 26 October

Sophie’s in trouble on ‘Coronation Street’, family affairs on ‘EastEnders’ and Chas is nicked on ‘Emmerdale’.

Critical condition: Sophie is rushed to hospital in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Sophie and Ryan have never made a great pairing. From the moment that he met her he was feeding her cheap lager, trying to snog her and ended up setting fire to Steve’s house. But she’s a forgiving type Sophie, so has remained friends. Unfortunately she might have a lot more forgiving to do – when she ends up in hospital this week.

The problems start –as they often do – with Tracy. She humiliates Ryan by turning down his marriage proposal very publically (though what he thought he was doing proposing in The Rovers, we’ve no idea). So he heads out on a mission to drown his sorrows in town – and when Ryan drowns his sorrows, he really throws all his effort into it – so Sophie comes along to make sure he doesn’t get into any harm.

Of course, he does get into harm. A lot of it, it’s not long before he’s had a brawl, scored some cocaine and generally got what is technically known as ‘blootered’.  But it’s Sophie who suffers when he decides to play chicken with passing cars on a dual carriageway. She’s hit by a car and ends up unconscious in hospital, while he runs off.

Kevin arrives to hear that his daughter will live – but has a spinal injury and may never walk again. And as police are looking for a young man who was present at the scene, if Kevin finds out that Ryan is the one to blame, there might be more blood spilt yet.

Also this week: Mary holds a Greek night at Roy’s Rolls when Roy and Hayley are away. Unfortunately Roy comes back in the middle of it and thinks it is ouzo silly.

Chain gang: The girls get revenge on Joey in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

We all know that people in Walford are bound by close family ties – but could there be cause for concern as first cousins Joey and Lauren get a bit too close?

Lauren is furious that Joey snogged Whitney behind Lucy’s back and – after making Whitney come clean to Lucy - decides that she should help her mate seek revenge. The pair head to Alice to ask for advice on her brother and to find out his weak spots – but the only bit of information she can hand out is that if he really likes a girl, he has a habit of brushing her hair back behind her ears.

Later Lucy arranges to meet the love-rat in a playground and ends up handcuffing him to a climbing frame – childish but quite fun. Unfortunately, he’s just started a new job at the Arches and when Lauren realises he might lose it, she takes pity and heads back to the playground to release him. As she uncuffs, him, he brushes her hair back behind her ear and it looks like these cousins could be getting a bit too close for comfort. These Brannings, eh?

Also this week: Phil asks Sharon to pretend to be his fiancée so he can win custody of Lexi. We’ve been here before haven’t we?

Banged up: Chastity is number one suspect in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Oh, Chas. We said that having an affair with your niece’s boyfriend wasn’t going to end well, didn’t we? Well, even we didn’t think it would end this badly. Certain that she killed Carl during the fight (wasn’t Tom Lister excellent in the live ep?), she is distraught enough – and things get worse when Charity announces her affair with Cameron to the whole pub.

This of course leads to the police sniffing around – and what with her wedding ring being found by the body and her fingerprints all over the room, it’s not long before they’re taking her in for questioning.

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She’s then forced to admit that Carl was in fact blackmailing her – something which is the final piece of the jigsaw for the police – and it’s not long before she’s in court charged with murder.  Poor Chas – but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Also this week: Debbie is struggling to cope with Sarah having the cord treatment and asking to see Cameron. After breaking down to Andy, she allows Cameron in to say a heart-breaking goodbye.