Soaps preview - Mon 22 – Fri 26 April

Gary and Tina grow closer on ‘Corrie’, Liam gets Kaned on ‘Enders’ and Debbie gets a gun on ‘Emmerdale’.

Coronation Street
This surrogate business is already starting to get messy and the baby is nowhere near being born yet. It appears while the child is developing in Tina, Gary is developing a crush on her.

At an ante-natal class Izzy is relegated to a spectator and looks on as Gary helps Tina out with all of the heavy breathing exercises.  But that doesn’t mean there’s going to be heavy breathing of a different sort, does it?

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No, but it’s not the only problem. Now friendly once again with Tina, Tommy is beginning to have his own suspicions about Gary’s motives, particularly when he gatecrashes their time together. He warns Izzy to watch her man and she starts to suspect even more that something is up.

And it only gets worse - Tina was left devastated when her dad’s ring was stolen from the flat, so when Gary breaks in on a date with Tommy and declares he found it for her in a pawn shop, it looks like a nice gesture. But then Izzy finds a receipt for the ring that has nothing to do with a pawn shop. Are we on the brink of surrogate-gate?

Also this week: Ches catches Katy talking to Ryan and loses it. She decides the time is right to go partying… with Ryan.

Locking up: Liam struggles to keep the bullies out in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Following on from his rescue, Bianca does her best to reassure Liam that everything will soon get back to normal now that they are sticking together as a family. But just as Liam looks a little more confident, a brick is hurled through the kitchen window, narrowly missing Carol and the kids.

At his wits end and full of anger, Liam grabs the brick and runs outside shouting for the gang to stop but none of them are in sight. Then overhearing Bianca and Carol discussing him and realising they’re all terrified, he takes it upon himself to prove that he can cope. So when
Bianca and Carol try to persuade Liam to go to work with them, Liam casually insists that he will stay at home and wait for the window replacement man to arrive.

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However as soon as they have gone it becomes clear that Liam is petrified about being alone as he desperately checks that the house is securely locked up.

It’s not long before Liam’s mobile begins to constantly ring but, knowing it will be the gang, Liam refuses to pick up. Soon the home phone starts ringing and having had enough, Liam rips out the landline and throws his mobile away. This always looks like a dodgy strategy, particularly when Kane ends up sitting at the kitchen table and he has no way of contacting the police.

But what does Kane even want with him? Is there any way out? Can he escape with his life? Can’t he get a better haircut?

Also this week: Phil and Sharon spend more time snogging. Ugh.

Unhappy families: Debbie holds a gun to Chas in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)


It’s a massive week on the Dales as Debbie finally decides to take action and get her revenge on Aunty Chas.

Of course, she doesn’t just attack full on. Debbie is cleverer than that. First of all she makes out like she wants to bury the hatchet after all the fighting. Of course, Chas doesn’t believe her. She’s not an idiot (fill in your own jokes here). But then Debbie really opens up and explains that she’s just been mentally unstable but feels better now.

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She then invites her aunt to come for a family get together at Lisa’s house and Chas melts into the idea, clearly missing her loving relatives. Ha.

So later on, she’s happy to jump into Debbie’s car for a lift. Unfortunately, when she speeds past the cottage, Chas suddenly realises that Debbie’s hatchet burying plan may involve the back of her head.

She’s taken to a lonely barn – and Debbie reveals that she has Zak’s gun. Just as the rest of the Dingles realise that the gun is missing and
so are Debbie and Chas. They launch a hunt – but can they possibly find her in time? Has she got the nerve to pull the trigger?

Also this week: Charity discovers that Jai has been left holding the baby and begins asking some difficult questions. 

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