Soaps preview - 6 – 10 August

That's the British soaps misery quota met already (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
You have to give it up for the writers on ‘Corrie’. They can manage, after all these years, to make you feel an ounce of sympathy for Tracy Barlow. Who would have thought it was possible, eh?

Of course, it doesn't begin that way. At the start of the week she's causing chaos for poor Norris, even – intake of breath - ruining his best dancing shoes. How evil. Emily tries to solve the problem by lending Norris Ernest's but Tracy, claiming to be ill, manages to destroy them too. Emily erupts and throws her out of No. 3. Despite still claiming everything’s going wrong because she’s really ill, Ken refuses to take her in.

After finding refuge with Beth, Tracy gets no sympathy from Steve. He tells Tracy she has to be there to pick Amy up that evening. Despite the fact that she’s still claiming to be ill Tracy snaps back. Of course she’ll be there! Later however, after declaring she’s been given food poisoning at the café, Tracy’s health takes a dramatic turn for the worse – she collapses and is rushed to hospital.

Deirdre and Ken are horrified when they arrive for a visit and see that her condition has worsened and is diagnosed as a severe kidney infection. As Tracy is confronted by the implications of her one remaining kidney failing - she's set for a life of dialysis - Steve appears. Will what he has to say to her ease her terrifying situation?

Also this week: Roy is stuck in a motor home in Malvern with Mary (if this isn't an Ian Dury And The Blockheads lyric, it should be). Can he get back to see Hayley's big dance?

"Do a flip!" (Credit: BBC)

Ah, soap romance. It's the greatest kind, where anyone can love anything.  It's the day of the community fundraiser and Phil worries when Shirley, who is petrified about her sponsored abseil, disappears. At the B&B, Denise is surprised to find Shirley staring through the window at The Vic roof and is concerned when she suddenly starts to have a panic attack. Shirley eventually calms, but is hurt when she sees that Carly has sent Denise a picture of her baby - Shirley's grandchild.

Later on, Phil eventually discovers Shirley in one of the cars at the Arches, with a bottle of vodka. He tries to reassure her but it becomes clear that it isn’t just her fear of heights that scares her; she is worried now Heather is gone and Carly has Denise, that she is no longer needed and doesn’t have any purpose in life. As Phil comforts her, Jean comes storming in and demands that Shirley pull herself together - for George’s sake.

After another panic attack, Phil urges Shirley to still conquer her fears by getting on the roof.  She agrees but only on the condition Phil goes with her.

As the crowd cheer Shirley on, Phil holds her hand, coaching her through her last steps onto the roof. Shirley emotionally embraces Phil and realising how much she loves and needs him, asks a stunned Phil to marry her.  Shirley, some mistake?

Also this week:  One person is ruled out of being Kat's mystery lover. We knew it wasn't him anyway though – way too obvious.

*serious acting face* (Credit: ITV)

It's heartbreaking to watch as battle lines are drawn up by the nicest people in Soapland.  Marlon becomes determined to stop Paddy and Rhona taking Leo away from him, which is going to lead to trouble.

Paddy is already gutted when, at the start of the week, Marlon resigns from being his best man and refuses to go to the wedding (really, how stupid is Paddy? He's taking Leo away from Marlon and expects no argument?). But then after consulting a solicitor who tells him he can block them from going to New Zealand with Leo, he changes his mind and heads to the ceremony to confront them with his news.

But as Paddy and Rhona take their vows, Paddy interrupts, insisting Marlon should be up there with them. Paddy and Rhona are pronounced husband and wife and Paddy cannot thank Marlon enough for being there.

Later however, the happy couple are devastated as Marlon reluctantly explains he has applied for a court order ensuring Leo will not be going with them. Things go downhill quickly from there as Rhona heads to her own lawyer, where she finds out what Marlon has said is true – he can stop them going.

Knowing they have no choice, Paddy and Rhona speak to Marlon. They argue about Leo and begin insulting one another until Marlon crosses a line making reference to the fact that Leo is not Paddy’s son.  Sad times.

Also this week: Alex and Moira give in to their passion. Hands up who saw that coming? Everyone in the world? Thought so.