Soaps preview - 30 July – 3 August

Coronation Street
No wonder Michelle's Ryan has come back from uni a completely different man. Apart from the whole being a completely different actor, he's also used his time in higher education in Glasgow to pick up a healthy drug habit. He's high as a kite in the Rovers (not a rave or posh bar, Ryan? No? The Rovers? Right).

Michelle's understandably furious to discover him bent over in the cubicle hoovering up powder and when he fails to take any notice of her, grasses him up to the police, who arrest him. He gets out after convincing them it was a one-off and goes on to lie to his mum, saying that Kylie gave him the coke. She believes him, until Kylie sets her straight and she realises what Ryan is really like. To his horror, she cuts up his bank cards and forces him to apologise to Steve.

As he heads down to apologise to Steve – and try and keep his job - he runs into Kylie and David. He tries to apologise to Kylie for blaming her – but David loses his cool and a fight nearly breaks out. But it is an ill wind that blows no good as when Steve arrives to break up the fight, he looks heroic and gets the chance to comfort Michelle – and indeed, invite her out for dinner.

Unfortunately, traumatised by Ryan's actions, Michelle responds strongly negatively. She gives him a tongue lashing. And not in a good way. However, she soon relents and tells Maria she regrets her angry reaction.

Michelle then invites Steve for a drink and apologises for biting his head off. As she thanks him for all he’s done for Ryan, will Steve risk having another crack at Michelle?

Also this week: Tyrone opens up to Tina about Kirsty's abusive behaviour. Kirsty breaks down and tells him she wants him to leave her because she is just like her father.

Good old Lucy has been slaving away in various hot kitchens for months trying to keep the Beale empire on its feet after Ian ran out. She's stood up to Derek, taken on more work and fended off bailiffs.

So when she gets the chance to spend a day off with Lauren and Whitney, who have volunteered to feed the homeless in order to get some free gig tickets, she jumps at the chance. However, just as Lucy prepares for a day with her friends, everything turns to chaos in the café leaving Lucy stuck with a broken boiler. It seems that Ian’s absence has finally gotten the better of her but she manages to come up with a quick way to make some money. Resourceful thing.

While she's been working away, Lauren and Whitney have discovered a familiar face among the unfortunates they've been helping. That's right, they've dug up Ian Beale. A dirty face-fungus covered Ian Beale who is behaving really strangely.

They can't tell Lucy, as they worry about her reaction, so instead Lauren plucks up the courage to tell a disbelieving Tanya and Max the truth behind Ian’s disappearance and where he has been seen. Max, Tanya and Alfie finally stumble upon a dishevelled man sleeping in an underpass and are shocked to discover it is in fact a barely recognisable Ian. They take him home and after trying to clean him up, decide to reunite him with the family he abandoned all those months ago. However they soon realise it will not be as easy as this as Lucy, after finally beginning to find her feet and her independence, is not as pleased to see her father as they expected.  You tell him Lucy.

Also this week: Michael is terrified when he realises he is going to be a full-time father. 

Moira has always had a bit of a 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' side to her. Or to put it more bluntly, she likes a bit of rough. So it's no surprise she's warming to the young farmhand Alex who is staying with her.

He's just split from Victoria Sugden of course – and she's getting over the death of her husband but why should that stop them?

He begins the week flirting with her as she prepares to meet a potential new client – Jeff. The meeting isn't going well until Alex stands up for her and makes an impassioned speech. Moira is impressed and flattered . 

Later, Alex is pleased to have Moira to himself but is humiliated when he tries to kiss her and she laughs it off. As Alex leaves, Moira looks shocked that it happened but clearly enjoyed it.

She spends the rest of the week attempting to matchmake with Andy and Victoria, telling him that she still loves him and attempting to make them meet up again – but all that happens is this forces him to tell Victoria it is all over. Has he just had enough of her – or does he want a bit of Moira instead?

Also this week: Charity wants to take over the Kings struggling haulage business.