Soaps preview - 3 – 7 December

Leanne and Nick’s wedding plans hit a hitch on ‘Corrie’, Alfie’s turning detective on ‘Enders’ and there’s a beautiful bromance on ‘Emmerdale’.

Cold feet: Leanne has second thoughts in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
It is nearly 15 years to the day that Nick and Leanne first tied the knot, running off up to Gretna Green in a whirlwind of youthful impetuousness, hormones and Adam Rickitt’s acting.  It didn’t last then and it doesn’t look like it’s going to now, either. The problem is that Nick hasn’t changed (well, apart from the actor who plays him) – he’s still a little boy.

He decides that the best way to tie the knot this time is to run off to Las Vegas with his blushing bride. And it’s not only to get away from it all, it’s also to save money. He reckons that a trip to Disneyland will cheer up Simon who is mourning over the fact that Peter is away and won’t be back to bring him a bottle of wine for Christmas (or will he? Stay tuned).

While they’re zipping around on rollercoasters and communing with Mickey, it makes sense to make a trip over to Vegas and tie the knot, doesn’t it? Well, not according to Leanne – an Elvis vicar may remind her of Peter’s quiff. She thinks the whole idea is terrible and in fact, makes the whole wedding thing a little bit too real. Soon, she’s got a worse case of cold feet than a barefoot Inuit – so can Nick talk her round?

Also this week:  Tommy’s had enough of Tina’s pregnancy already and Kylie’s a big hit when she takes charge of The Bistro.

Secret lover: Alfie is onto Kat in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Alfie is back from Germany - but strangely back in the safety of Walford it’s now that he fears the wurst. He notices right away that there’s something up with Kat. She’s not there to greet him in the morning and Jean jokes that she’s gone to meet her secret lover. Oops.

When she does show up after a morning away not answering her phone, she reveals the present she has organised for him - a framed photograph of them with Tommy. Although suspicious of her excuse, Alfie hands her the gift he bought on his trip and Kat is touched as she opens it to find a necklace with similar stones to her mother’s engagement ring which she was forced to pawn.

And his suspicions rise further when he uses a scented candle to get Tommy off to sleep –she tells him they were bought from the Minute Mart – but when he asks to buy some more there, Denise tells him they’ve never sold them.

Sherlock, sorry, Alfie asks Kat once more about the candles and wonders why she is lying when she assures him they were definitely from the Minute Mart.

Later on, he hears her on the phone telling someone she loves them – she claims it was Charlie. And when he redials, it was indeed Charlie. But he realises his suspicions are correct when he discovers Kat’s mother’s engagement ring in her drawer.  How could she afford to get it out of the pawn shop? And why hasn’t she told him? There can be only one explanation – a mystery lover.

Also this week: Shirley is back to cause havoc for Phil on Ben’s sentencing day.

A fine bromance: Marlon and Paddy spend some quality time together in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)


There are some couples that we hate to see apart in soaps – Kat and Alfie, Jack and Vera and Marlon and Paddy. For too long the best buddies have been at each other’s throats over women, visitation rights and more. So it’s lovely to finally see them buddying up again – indeed they’re even sharing a hotel room and spa trip together. Hurrah! But what will the girls back home say?

The trip comes about when hunky new locum Brett has to spend the weekend covering for Paddy and so has two spare tickets for an outward bound weekend. He gives them away to Paddy who can’t find anyone to go with – and so behind Rhona’s back he takes Marlon.

Obviously the “boot camp” part of the weekend is too tough for the boys and they end up booking themselves into the spa – and lying to their respective partners about getting injured so they can stay overnight. Unfortunately they make the excuse telephone calls at the same time when Rhona and Laurel happen to be in the café together.

To make matters worse, when furious Rhona vents her anger to Brett, he assumes she is making a pass at him and goes in for a snog!

Also this week: Cameron decides to do the right thing and confess. Or does he?

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