Soaps preview - 28 May - 1 June

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Coronation Street
While it might not be immediately obvious to us all, Eileen Grimshaw is clearly an extremely alluring woman. Paul certainly can’t resist – try as he might. After being sent packing last week, he rolls up to Underworld begging her to come to Lesley’s funeral with him because he can’t face it on his own.

She weakens and agrees to go along with him. But there’s a lot of heavy duty murmuring from her family when they arrive at the church. Despite the anger, Paul pulls himself together and manages to give a loving eulogy.

Instead of being impressed however, after the funeral Lesley’s sister takes the opportunity to have a real go at Paul. Eileen, who has kept calm so far, sticks up for him and a row breaks out. Eileen cracks, says something mean and runs off back to the Street.  Not that she’s going to be welcomed back by everyone – Carla is going to fire her for walking out to go to the funeral.

Anyway, Eileen is now convinced Paul will hate her for ever for ruining his wife’s funeral – but it’s not so. He arrives at the pub where she’s poured out her heart and declares his undying love. 
This is really what Eileen has wanted to hear for so long. But has Paul left it too late?

Also this week: Tina discovers Tommy is running drugs for Rick and makes him stop. But this just leads to him being beaten up.

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What is it with people on ‘Emmerdale’ punching the aged? Mind you, when Val gets a whack from Alicia, it’s hardly the same as Ashley beating up and threatening his dad. For a start, most of the village at the moment would be queuing up to give her a whack.

Alicia dishes out the knuckle sandwich after she’s just plucked up the courage to tell David how much she really likes him. And not just as a friend. But just as the moment looks like it’s going to get really special, Val bursts in in a furious temper because Pollard and Brenda have gone on holiday to Cornwall.

Val’s rage comes out in the form of insults to David – but it’s all too much for Alicia who snaps and lets fly with a right hook. After being felled, Val is straight on the phone to the cops and it’s then we learn that Alicia has previous. In the past she assaulted one of her mum’s carers – while trying to protect her, obviously – but the prior conviction does mean she could end up in prison.

Is there anyway Val can be persuaded to drop the charges?

Also this week: Ashley finds work at a burger bar but is mocked by his co-workers when they discover he used to be a vicar.

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Michael Moon might be a scheming wrongdoer but he’s not completely evil – only about 99%. For when Jean asks him to invest more money for her - £10,000 from The Vic’s VAT money, he turns her down concerned that he’s completely ripping her off.

However, when Janine walks in on the two of them chatting and comments that Jean has a crush on him, a row begins.  After Michael storms out, Janine tells Jean that Michael laughs about her behind her back but Jean hits back telling her that Michael spoke to her about the St. Christopher charm his mum gave him. This stings Janine who knew nothing about it.

Michael falls out with Jean because she betrayed his confidence – but Jean insists they make friends again – on the condition that he invests her money. Reluctantly, he agrees. But he gets over that reluctance pretty quickly and starts a spending spree – buying Janine some expensive perfume and booking a trip to Paris.

As they set off for the romantic capital, Jean sees them and asks after her money but Michael denies any knowledge and heads off.

Also this week: Mandy arrives back in the Square but Ian has gone missing. Phil and Lucy team up to try and find him.