Soaps preview - 28 Jan – 1 Feb

Wow – imagine – a genuinely sweet moment on ‘Enders’, Lewis makes his move on ‘Corrie’ and guess who’s back on ‘Emmerdale’.

Cunning plan: Lewis blackmails Kylie to get revenge on Gail (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street

It’s the culmination of a lot of planning for Lewis as he finally finishes off his plot for revenge on Gail for ruining his relationship with Audrey. But it’s poor Kylie who ends up doing the brunt of the work.

Love-struck Gail has borrowed the £40k to finance their “new life in Italy” but Lewis hasn’t quite managed to get his hands on the filthy lucre yet. In fact, this does seem like a bit of a weak spot in an otherwise flawless plan. How to get the money from her account to his, surely deserved as much thought as how to make her borrow the money? Anyway, as he tries to hack into her account using a computer in the Bistro, Nick and Kylie walk in.

He hides under the desk – this is no way to treat Nigel Havers, really - and hears them discussing the fact that Nick could be Kylie’s baby daddy and a light bulb flashes above his head.

Later on he corners Kylie and tells her he’ll reveal all about the baby unless she gets him her mum-in-law’s bank password. But will she go through with it? And will he make a clean getaway if she does?

Also this week: Rob makes a date with Tracy Barlow – but she is only using him to get a job at Underworld.
Coming clean: Whitney confesses all to Tyler in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
It was a while ago, but you knew it’d have further repercussions. Ever since Whitney snogged Joey at that party, she’s been keeping it secret from Tyler all the while knowing it could blow up in her face.

But you can’t keep things secret for ever, and when she walks in on the kissing cousins and makes her disgust at Joey and Lauren known, Joey hints that he’s going to tell Tyler about the smooch (remember when Joey wanted to be the nice guy because his dad was so vile? Yeah, we do too).

Anyway, all this leads Whitney to unburden herself to Tyler who does the decent thing – and splits up with her right away and starts a fight with Joey in the Vic. Unfortunately, Alfie is on hand to break it up because we reckon it’d be a decent fight, that.

Anyway, who is The Square’s foremost mender of broken-hearted lovers? Bianca, of course. Okay, she’s not – but on this occasion she plays Cupid and makes them realise that they do love each other and it’s not long before Tyler realises that he can’t live without Whitney and needs her back.

But Whitney is working at the community centre and after several attempts to talk to her, Tyler finds a way of showing her exactly what she means to him. He organises it so that the kids she is teaching all hold up letters  to spell 'Will you marry me?' Bless. It’s actually so lovely even we can’t sneer at it.

Also this week: Ayesha steps up her campaign to get it on with Masood and Max attempts to deal with the thorny two wives problem.

Killer comeback: Cameron's return causes trouble in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

The killer returns! Cameron strolls back into town as if he’s never been away and firstly has a quick check to make sure Alex’s shallow grave is undisturbed – which it is, even if a dog has been sniffing around. Can see this one coming back to, erm, haunt him, really. Then he’s off to find Chas.

Chas is in a terrible state – on the verge of running away after she gets a brick through her window. And she’s furious with Cameron for his disappearing act. But he soon distracts her by getting down on one knee and popping the question. He’s clearly a man of action, Cam. A man of action.

The happy news spreads around quickly and of course, it infuriates Emmerdale’s most dangerous resident – Cain. He sees Cameron at the garage and it’s not long before a brawl breaks out. Just as Cam picks up a wrench, there’s a cry and Chas tells him to stop! Has she seen a murderous side to her fiancé she wasn’t aware of? And can she put two and two together about Carl?

Also this week: The whole David, Priya and Alicia love triangle rumbles on with no end in sight.

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