Soaps preview - 25 February – 1 March

Oh, Katy, Katy, Katy on ‘Corrie’, Jack’s punch drunk on ‘Enders’ and love at last in ‘Emmerdale’.

Kebab shop romance: Katy and Ryan share a surprise kiss (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Poor old Chesney martyrs himself playing Cinders when Katy heads out for Steph’s 18th birthday party. But it’s not just the night that he has to look after Joseph. He’s stuck with him for the next morning as Katy is delicate with a hangover.

But it’s not Joseph’s crying that really plays on her sore head – it’s Chesney yelling when he discovers how much she’s spent on her night out. And how could you Katy?  Wanting to win her way back into his good books and take them out of the black, Katy is delighted when Ryan offers her a job at the kebab shop (who wouldn’t be delighted with that kind of proposition?). 

An interview with Dev later and Katy is soon handed the red polo shirt. But of course in the pressure cooker atmosphere of a doner shop, there’s bound to be work-place tension – and gazing at handsome Ryan over a lot of grilled meat is bound to do something to a girl.

So after a busy night, he suggests a post-work drink to come down from that serving chili sauce high. She agrees and enjoys being flattered with compliments by her fellow skewer jockey. Before you know it, he’s lunged in for the kiss and is eating her face like it’s a mixed special with garlic yoghurt. Sheesh, Katy. What will Chesney say?

Also this week: Tyrone asks Fiz to come to prison – but only so he can say that it’s over and she should move on with her life. Aw, bless.

Pulling no punches: Jack lashes out at Phil in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

We all thought that as soon as Sharon accepted Jack’s proposal, that’d be the end of her and Phil, didn’t we? No. No one thought that, did they? So obviously, Phil persuades Sharon to stay in business (and in close contact) with him by offering her a partnership at R&R.

Angry Jack (we love Angry Jack) heads to the Arches to reason with Phil but ends up being goaded by his love rival. Angry Jack throws a punch. Phil falls to the floor and hits his head. Blood flows and Phil lies motionless. Angry Jack becomes Scared Jack and runs away.

Jack panics while the rest of the Brannings are “enjoying” Derek’s party. He tells Max, who insists that he goes and checks on Phil, but Jack is too scared that he’s killed Phil. Of course, having been shot, beaten up, had a heart attack, and been involved in several car crashes, it’ll take more than a punch to end Phil Mitchell’s life – basically he and the cockroaches would survive a nuclear war and go on to repopulate the planet with massive potato-faced insects.

Phil wakes up and staggers into the Vic, where he sees Jack and remembers what happened. Before you can say “I’m sure Phil wouldn’t grass, would he? That would go against years of character development,” Jack is in a prison cell having been nicked for assault.

Also this week:  Ayesha wins a date with Walford’s hottest man, er, Masood.

Dating dilemma: Rachel and Sam have an awkward night out in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

If ever there was a doomed attempt to play Cupid, it was Amelia and Samson sending that Valentine’s card to Rachel from Sam. Not only did it not get them together, it means they can’t talk to each other despite being clearly made for each other.

While everyone is teasing them, Rachel tries to talk to Sam but things get so awkward, she does what anyone should do in this situation – she gets smashed.

Ruby hatches a plan to get the pair together but it ends in humiliation for Rachel. However, finally after Samson intervenes once again, later in the week, the Dales's version of Ross and Rachel finally get round to sharing their feelings, when Rachel confesses she was excited Sam reveals that he wishes he had sent a card, not Samson.

At last! Soon they're snogging and before you know it, Sam and Samson are invited over for a sleepover. But what is Jai going to say about it all?

Also this week: Bob and Brenda share a cheeky night of passion - but is everything alright with Brenda?

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